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JetNet acquires Asset Insight
Having worked with Asset Insight over a number of years, JetNet knew how important the company's valuation and cost-of-ownership products were to its own customer base, and bought the company.
Asset Insight president and CEO Tony Kioussis.

Aviation data and market intelligence provider JetNet has agreed to acquire Asset Insight, an aviation-focused valuation firm and creator of the real-time valuation tool eValues. The acquisition is the first of what the company anticipates will be several future acquisitions as it expands its data-driven product offerings for the aviation industry and leverages a recent majority investment led by Silversmith Capital Partners.

“We've had the opportunity to work with Asset Insight as a partner over the course of many years and know how strategic the company's valuation and cost-of-ownership products are to our customer base,” says CEO Greg Fell. “Tony Kioussis is a highly-respected and talented expert in the aviation industry who we are excited to have join the JetNet team as we expand our product offerings and global footprint.”

JetNet offers a comprehensive and reliable database of business and commercial aviation information to its global customer base. Working directly with operators, owners and manufacturers, it maintains accurate information on pricing, availability and location of mission-critical aviation resources. Asset Insight provides a broad spectrum of aircraft valuation software and analytics tools to help inform purchasing decisions, financing costs and total-cost-of-ownership data for its customers. Combined, the two companies aim to deliver best-in-class products that provide customers with up to date, easy to understand, actionable information they require for making business decisions.

“Asset Insight and JetNet share a vision to simplify and improve the overall aircraft ownership experience for customers,” says AI president and CEO Tony Kioussis. “Decision-makers in the aviation industry use JetNet's data and market intelligence as an essential part of their daily operations. We look forward to joining the team to help bolster its product offerings and provide even more value to our shared customer base.”

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