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West Star starts Starlink installations
Starlink installations are in high demand, and West Star is making sure customers are covered for their installations, with or without additional maintenance or modification.

US MRO specialist West Star Aviation, an authorised Starlink dealer, has completed several installations of the connectivity system across its network, with many more already scheduled. Starlink installation is available at all of West Star's full-service locations, along with several satellite facilities.

Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency internet, all with 24/7 support and highly reliable connectivity using real-time telemetry and high-fidelity performance monitoring. Starlink's optical space lasers transmit data throughout the Starlink constellation, providing continuous service in areas around the world, with coverage for flights over the open ocean and in polar regions. Starlink's constellation contains more than 9,000 laser-transmitting 10PB+ of daily data traffic. These lasers can sustain a 100Gbps connection per link and can connect up to 3,300+ miles apart and maintain a mesh network with 99.99 per cent uptime.

"Starlink installations are in high demand, and many operators are even opting to put their aircraft down for a standalone installation," says COO Allen McReynolds. "We are utilising our resources to make sure customers will be covered for their installations, with or without additional maintenance or modification."

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April 26, 2024
As director of quality control for the enterprise segment, Josh Perkins will oversee the four main full-service facilities at St Louis Regional airport, Lovell Field, Grand Junction Regional airport and Perryville.
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April 3, 2024
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February 24, 2024