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Ionic Air Care engages MAG agency
Ionic Air Care has chosen to take this big step forward having seen, and benefitted from, MAG's sales and product promotion efforts over the past six months.

Georgia-based Ionic Air Care, a developer of dual-polar ionisation products, has signed up MAG Aviation Group as a sales agencies for North America.

Founder and CEO Eric Stuck says: “We are extremely pleased to sign MAG Aviation Group as our premier sales agency for our civil aviation product series, including our flagship product, the i7000A dual-polar ion generator. MAG's proven track record is what makes the difference, and we look forward to growing with it.”

Two MAG executives, Alex Almonte and Miguel Gallardo, are proven business aviation professionals whose reputations and ability to engage with aircraft owners and operators are well established. Ionic Air Care expects continued success in the future as it grows its reach across the Americas with the help of MAG Aviation Group.

Other News
National Flight Training Association launches in Washington, DC
February 6, 2023
The new aviation trade group represents flight training academies seeking a unified voice on national aviation issues impacting flight training.
Sheltair set to expand into Atlanta Metro area
February 1, 2023
Gwinnett airport is underused says Sheltair, and has bagged a 40 year lease on a hangar that it will improve and expand. Existing FBO facilities currently operated by Gwinnett Aero will be transitioning to Sheltair.
EASA approves ACA purification for Airbus A320 series
January 20, 2023
AMAC, Jet Aviation and STC Twenty One have been approved by EASA to install ACA's air and surface purification on Airbus A320 series models. The system improves interior air quality and neutralises pathogens.