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Starr's safety partnership cuts risks across ownership lifecycle
The Starr Safety Partnership offers discounted services from providers of everything from crisis training to maintenance to risk-reduction technologies across each phase of aircraft ownership, from acquisition to sale.

Starr Aviation has launched its Starr Safety Partnership, a network of service providers focused on enhancing safety for Starr-insured pilots and aircraft owners and reducing losses.

The services, offered at a discount for Starr customers, include more than a dozen providers of everything from crisis training to maintenance to risk-reduction technologies. The services apply to each phase of aircraft ownership from acquisition through safe and cost-efficient operation to the sale of an aircraft.

Services include aircraft evaluation, engine inspection, safety and egress training and in-flight medical, an advanced bird-avoidance system and upset prevention and recovery training.

“This partnership is unique in how it's configured to focus on the entire aircraft ownership lifecycle,” says senior vice president and chief underwriter Kyle Sparks. “Also unique is how it serves the aircraft owner's needs as well as those of the pilot with services selected for their ability to increase intangible as well as tangible operational savings.”

Reducing aircraft downtime is one of the key intangible savings, because company aircraft are often critical assets maintained to help facilitate business development and growth.

Assistant vice president and director of loss control Andrew Madison adds: “This partnership allows Starr clients to easily expand their experiences and pilot skills while promoting safety, safety management system facilitation and training. It also gives the aircraft owner an extra measure of safety assurance.”

The company has selected Arizona-based Aviation Performance Solutions' Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) as part of this programme. UPRT enables pilots to mitigate their number one fatal threat to air safety, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I).

“UPRT is a critical tool that pilots and flight departments should be using to mitigate aviation's most significant fatal threat globally,” says Sparks. “We feel confident that comprehensive UPRT provided by APS reduces accident risk and provides pilots advanced skills and proficiency that will benefit them throughout their careers.”

“APS is honoured to partner with Starr Aviation as an industry safety champion to comprehensively contain the constantly changing risk environment,” adds CEO Paul BJ Ransbury. “UPRT as implemented by APS ingrains pilots with knowledge, insights and competencies applicable to their day-to-day operations to improve aeronautical decision making and enhance safety margin awareness across both automated and manual flight operations.”

Other Starr partners are:

Online training company Advanced Aircrew Academy

Aircare International - Aircare FACTS Training crew and passenger emergency procedures training programs, and Aircare Access Assistance in-flight telemedicine and mission support services including 24/7/365 medical support

ARGUS - SMS software and aviation safety audits

AviationManuals - Provider of manual development services and modular safety management system (SMS) software for business and general aviation

Crisis Advisors - Aviation crisis management services

Empathia - Aviation crisis management services

JSSI - Independent provider of all-OEM maintenance support & financial tools, including maintenance programmes; maintenance tracking software; parts procurement and leasing solutions; Conklin & de Decker aircraft comparison reports; event management, inspections and appraisals

Magid - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies

Polaris Aero - SMS software and flight risk assessment tools

Pulsar - Fatigue risk management solutions

Pulselite - Bird avoidance system that reduces bird strikes over 33 per cent for general aviation clients

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