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Accident prevention tool puts Baldwin on safe ground
Baldwin's APE helps an organisation quantify its efforts to build safety capacity, measuring the safety activities that could positively influence outcomes and helping decision-makers understand what more can be done.

Baldwin Safety & Compliance's newest tool, Accident Prevention Effort (APE), is a proprietary software designed to provide organisations with a way to track and benchmark proactive safety efforts.

The APE safety metric enhancement will assist organisations with quantifying existing safety activities, detecting where additional actions may be necessary and identifying where resources might need to be added.

Within the Baldwin SMS, APE will establish a numeric safety baseline for an organisation's current safety activities and then monitor future actions and inactions for trends and areas of improvement. For example, conducting an emergency response plan (ERP) drill will be assigned a higher value than submitting a safety report.

“APE is a valuable tool to help an organisation quantify its efforts to build safety capacity,” says director of safety Jason Starke. “Businesses often focus on measuring outputs or outcomes without measuring the safety activities that could positively influence those outcomes. Baldwin's APE is an important tool to do just that. It will help decision-makers understand what the organisation is doing proactively to improve safety and what more can be done."

Like the Baldwin Safety Management System, APE can be tailored to an organisation's size, complexity and safety priorities.

The APE concept is founded in the Quantum Safety Metrics method as introduced by International Society of Safety Professionals president D Smith. The APE tool utilises the number of prevention activities and the so-called 'Sierra Scale' to arrive at a cumulative APE value.

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