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Ecocopter to bring UAM services to Latin America
Airbus helicopter operator Ecocopter is to explore first use cases and pilot cities and regions for UAM operations in Chile, Ecuador and Peru.
Airbus is exploring AAM technologies for its eVTOL prototype CityAirbus NextGen.

Chile-based rotary operator Ecocopter has signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus to start collaborating on the launch of urban air mobility services across various countries in Latin America. This is a major step toward the co-creation of a functioning urban air mobility ecosystem in the region.

The partners will explore and define launch scenarios for air mobility operations, notably in Ecuador, Chile and Peru. This includes joint activities to develop UAM operations over the continent, as well as ways to target first use cases and pilot cities and regions. Ecocopter operates a fleet primarily comprised of Airbus helicopters for aerial work missions in a variety of industrial sectors.

Corporate CEO Marcelo Rajchman says: “With already 20 years of experience operating helicopters and five years operating drones, this partnership is a natural step for us. We seek to be a relevant player in the UAM ecosystem, and the projects we will develop together with Airbus will bring us closer to this goal.”

Airbus head of partnerships and strategy execution for UAM Balkiz Sarihan adds: “We are excited to extend our long standing relationship with Ecocopter. Together we are taking concrete steps in the co-creation of the UAM ecosystem and our decarbonisation roadmap. This partnership leverages Airbus' expertise in innovative vertical flight technologies and Ecocopter's extensive operational history and innovative culture.”

Established in 2003, Ecocopter is a reference in highly complex aerial work missions in South America. Its fleet of 16 H125s, two H135s and three H145s is characterised by its high versatility and performs missions ranging from offshore transport, mining support, medical evacuation, firefighting and almost the entire range of aerial work missions.

Other News
Kansai to host test run of eVTOL operations
September 8, 2022
Hiratagakuen is preparing for the launch of commercial transportation services with the CityAirbus NextGen. It will run a simulation with an H135 in the Osaka prefecture later this year.
Blugeon takes delivery of the 7,000th Ecureuil
July 13, 2022
The company has nearly 45,000 hours’ experience on the H125, and this latest helicopter will join the existing fleet of five that service the Alps and Pyrenees.
Airbus develops AAM solutions with Munich airport
June 29, 2022
Airbus and Munich airport are actively building working ecosystems with AAM partners. Their MoI signals the start of their marketing solutions to cities and regions around the world.