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Avidyne receives certification of Avios10.3 for IFD/Atlas/Helios FMS line
AviOS10.3 software adds new features for both fixed wing and helicopter operators including Visual Approaches, VNAV and certified TAWS option.
AviOS10.3 has received TSOA and STC approval (STC) approval, allowing for immediate shipment on new units as well as upgrades for existing customers.

Avidyne Corporation has received certification of the AviOS10.3 operating system software for its IFD series of FMS/GPS/NAV/COMS and Atlas/Helios flight management systems.

AviOS10.3 has received Technical Standard Order Authorisation (TSOA) and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval from the FAA, allowing for immediate shipment on new units, as well as upgrades for the large installed base of existing Avidyne customers.

“We have faced several challenges in getting AviOS10.3 to market including, of course, the global pandemic and supply chain crises, but Avidyne has continued to innovate and we are pleased to bring these new capabilities to our current and future customers,” says president and ceo Dan Schwinn. “AviOS10.3 includes several significant new functions and features that will continue to keep our FMS line at the forefront in general and business aviation avionics.”

“Customers will really appreciate the new features in AviOS10.3, including visual approaches, which provides stabilised guidance into any runway in the database, whether it has a published approach or not,” adds vice president of worldwide sales John Talmadge. “In addition, our implementation of visual approaches allows pilots to select straight in, base or downwind entries, plus glideslope angle with intuitive operation.

“We've also added several new features that are targeted primarily for helicopter operators including RADALT display, power line database, half-mile zoom range and a three arc-second high-definition terrain database option.”

AviOS10.3 adds many new features and enhancements to the FMS, the map, user interface and third-party interfaces. It is also available as a field-loadable software upgrade that can be accomplished by any authorised Avidyne dealer. Key features of AviOS10.3 software for IFD include:

- Visual approaches

- VNAV (advisory on IFD5XX)

- Support for tandem/remote VHF COM/NAV tuning in dual installations.

- CDI scaling for Oceanic mode

- GI275 interface

- Map zoom down to 1/2 mile

- Power lines added to database

- RADALT display (via 429)

- RF legs

- Additional ADS-B weather products

- Display of ADS-B traffic and weather from portable devices

- Extended support for Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA)

- Support for twin engine aircraft on fuel calculation page

- Ability to import user waypoints from CSV file

- Improved Wi-Fi configuration to ease integration with Stratus, Foreflight and other Wi-Fi connected devices

- Improved pilot setup and configuration pages

- Up to 10 user profiles

- Weight calculator

- Certified TAWS (option)

- Three-arc second HD terrain data (option)

AviOS10.3 software is shipping now with all new IFDs and ATLAS/HELIOS FMS units. For existing owners, AviOS10.3 is available as a field-loadable upgrade through authorised Avidyne dealers.

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