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Schweizer secures credit to finance production
An asset-based $20 million credit facility will enable Schweizer to execute on the next phase of its growth strategy. Since the first model's inception, approximately 4,000 helicopters have been sold.
President and CEO David Horton.

Helicopter manufacturer and aviation industry parts supplier Schweizer RSG has secured a $20 million credit facility through US-based commercial finance and advisory firm BizCap. The new ABL credit facility will be used to finance production, enabling Schweizer to meet the increased demand for its helicopters, repair services and spare parts.

“We're thrilled with the work BizCap conducted to secure this new debt facility for our growing company,” says president and CEO David Horton. “The team at BizCap leveraged its market knowledge and expertise to deliver a solution that will enable us to execute on the next phase of our growth strategy.”

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Schweizer was founded in 2017 to continue manufacturing its brand of helicopters, including the S333 light turbine, and its spare parts. The brand has a rich history of product success and customer loyalty dating back to 1956 and the first Hughes 269, the helicopter model that would later become a Schweizer. Since the first model's inception, approximately 4,000 helicopters have been sold, with a strong global demand for continued maintenance and spare parts, both of which are provided by Schweizer in addition to new aircraft sales and overhauls.

“The management team at Schweizer was a pleasure to work with,” says BizCap president and CEO Chuck Doyle. “Once we developed a deep understanding of its business and its strategic advantages in the aviation industry, we knew we could secure a financing solution to support its growth.”

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