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Business Air News Bulletin
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New York

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Blade Urban Air Mobility   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
Bouysset joins Blade Europe as CEO
February 12, 2024
Blade shuttle flights return to NBAA-BACE
October 6, 2023
Blade accelerates European electric air mobility with Eve
June 19, 2023
Having amassed what it claims are the most valuable routes in the world, Blade is looking to integrate Eve's eVTOL aircraft into its European network, starting with France.
Blade brings UAM to Newport, Jersey City
June 2, 2023
The helistop will demonstrate the processes and relationships required to safely grow UAM in the greater NYC area. Blade will begin a pilot programme for charter flights and explore the viability of scheduled, by-the-seat service.
Blade adds scale across passenger and medical services
March 24, 2023
February 16, 2023Blade and Beta sail through first eVTOL flight test in NY
January 24, 2023RedBird assets set to enhance Blade business
August 24, 2022Eve prepares for UAM simulation in Chicago
August 16, 2022Blade reports record quarterly revenue
June 27, 2022Blade provides airport transfers for JetBlue members
May 23, 2022Blade buys into Europe's helicopter charter market
May 15, 2022Blade results show strong growth
April 30, 2022Blade takes cut of organ air mobility operations
April 21, 2022Rotary platform with eyes on eVTOL sets up in Paris
December 21, 2021Blade Air Mobility report reveals progress
December 16, 2021Helijet scale can introduce Blade to a new audience
November 23, 2021Blade launches new route for New York airport links
September 13, 2021Blade agrees deal to purchase Trinity Air Medical
August 20, 2021Blade cuts to the chase with strong financials
June 26, 2021Eve and Blade to collaborate on UAM flight time
June 2, 2021MagniX EPUs to power Lima's Blade-branded Caravans
May 29, 2021Blade trading on NASDAQ thanks to Experience combination
May 10, 2021Blade and Wisk have all the tools for success
May 3, 2021Blade to perform shuttles between JFK and Manhattan
April 18, 2021Blade becomes Beta's first passenger service customer
March 19, 2021Blade brandishes encouraging fiscal figures
February 22, 2021Blade has got a handle on vertiports in Chicago
January 15, 2021Blade cuts a deal with Ross at Westchester
December 21, 2020Blade maintains a sharp focus on eVTOL solutions
March 9, 2020Blade implements virus prevention across all services
November 11, 2019Blade expands helicopter service to LA
May 14, 2019All New York City airports now reachable by Blade
April 2, 2019Blade aims to defeat notorious NYC road traffic
March 19, 2019Zip and Blade pitch helicopters for PGA in New York
March 5, 2019Blade offers LA and NY helicopter airport transfers
February 12, 2019Fly Blade and AAG collaborate on urban mobility option
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