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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022
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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Jetex and Leon aim to set digital standard
This integration introduces complete digitalisation to business aviation, following Jetex's philosophy of a seamless and real-time system-to-system communication.

Jetex is partnering with flight scheduling software developer Leon Software to develop a new facility that will foster efficiency and responsiveness. It will be part of the suite of services provided by NKontrol, a digitally driven operations team at Jetex focused on the creation of software integrations and tools aimed at increasing the operational efficiency and reliability of business aviation. NKontrol combines cutting edge technology with vast operational experience from both the global trip support and an operator perspective.

For the first time, the companies will facilitate a seamless integration between a commercial flight scheduling software and an international trip planning team. It will allow clients to send full-service requests and receive status updates as well as briefings from Jetex directly through Leon's user interface, eliminating email and any other means of communication. This service comes at no additional cost to the customer.

The integration was inspired by clients of both companies who were looking to streamline their Jetex service requests and increase their efficiency through a powerful and user-friendly interface offered by Leon Software that has become the choice of many operators globally.

Jetex and Leon Software share a vision to improve aviation services, integrate communication, reduce data redundancies and provide an enhanced user experience to their clients around the world.

Other News
Avfuel invests in Alder Fuels
June 20, 2022
Alder converts globally available biomass to green crude oil scalable to meet the industry's demand at a cost competitive with petroleum. Avfuel's 1bn gallon contract will help establish an international supply network.
Outstanding suppliers receive their UAS awards
June 13, 2022
UAS relies on the consistency and operational excellence of its network of preferred suppliers, and rewards them too. Client satisfaction reports form the basis of selection for various categories of excellence.
PPS technology broadens UAS flight planning services
May 24, 2022
UAS has added PPS to its technology offering, with the integrated CrewBriefing web application. Its team will provide 24/7 support for users of the flexible global flight planning platform.