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Honda expands worldwide aircraft service reach
Honda Aircraft Company has added three new full service authorised service centres in the US and Singapore, expanding the HondaJet service network to 21 locations worldwide.
Honda Aircraft head of commercial business unit and VP customer service Amod Kelkar presents the Authorised Service Centre plaque to Hillsboro Aviation VP and COO Ryan McCartney.

Honda Aircraft Company has added three new full service authorised service centres (ASC) to its HondaJet service network. The ASCs are Portland-Hillsboro airport-based Hillsboro Aviation in Portland, Oregon, authorised for service in the northwest region of the US; Mather airport-based Mather Aviation in Sacramento, California, providing service in the region of central and northern California; and Selangor, Malaysia-based Dviation Technics' new business unit KarbonMRO for the southeast Asia region.

These additions increase to 12 the number of service centres in North America and bring the HondaJet service network to 21 locations worldwide. They will further strengthen customer support capabilities for the growing HondaJet fleet, now comprised of more than 219 aircraft in operation and which recently surpassed 120,000 flight hours in operation.

“We are pleased to partner with service providers who share Honda's commitment to customer satisfaction as our highest priority,” says head of commercial business unit and VP of customer service Amod Kelkar. “As the HondaJet fleet continues to grow, we are committed to ensuring that each of our customers around the globe receives the highest quality of service and support, with the supply of parts and factory-trained and certified service technicians available at each of the 21 locations.”

The Dviation service centre is poised to be the first in the southeast Asia region. The competent talent pool, robust ecosystem and strong government support enable the state of Selangor to house more than 63 per cent of the Malaysian aerospace economy. Selangor's close proximity to HondaJet customers, too, makes it the ultimate location for the service centre.

Honda Aircraft will act as the advisor as well as provider in technical expertise and training for HondaJets, whereas Dviation will act as the subject matter expert in the field of MRO services to set up and manage the service centre. Together new and existing HondaJet owners and operators in the region will have access to the full spectrum of technical support; from warranty claims, parts supply, power-by-hour programs to comprehensive after sales support, marketed under the brand name KarbonMRO.

KarbonMRO's portfolio targets light jets, electric/hybrid aviation and eVTOLs.

"KarbonMRO and Dviation Group's network within the southeast Asia region will ensure our customers have support where ever their travels take them. We are pleased to have an active partner that parallel's Honda's customer focus,” said Honda Aircraft president and CEO Hideto Yamasaki.

“We are extremely honoured to enter into this exclusive partnership with HondaJets, as we position ourselves to support the needs of owners and operators in the region. The Honda brand is synonymous with safety, quality and reliability, a philosophy that our group constantly strives to emulate in ensuring total customer satisfaction. KarbonMRO is our feature platform to champion decarbonisation of aviation, whilst heralding the new age of air mobility,” adds Dviation Group MD Kevin Teoh.

In addition, Honda Aircraft Company maintains an outstanding level of service at its factory service centre, recently awarded by the FAA with the Diamond level AMT employer award, the highest level in the William (Bill) O'Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards programme, in recognition of the skill and professionalism of its maintenance technicians.

Since the first delivery of the HondaJet in 2015, Honda Aircraft Company has led the aviation industry with innovation and technology, while also maintaining an unparalleled focus on customer support. With constant efforts to improve customer satisfaction, the HondaJet sales and service footprint now spans North America, Europe, Latin America, southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, India and Japan.

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