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Deutsche selects tech and parts provision for D328eco
The D328eco is green in impact as well as manufacture; thyssenkrupp and Aciturri are tasked with developing supply chain and composite technologies respectively.
Vice president sales and marketing Anastasija Visnakova.

Deutsche Aircraft and thyssenkrupp Aerospace are to develop a material supply chain solution for the D328eco aircraft.

thyssenkrupp CEO Patrick Marous says: “We are delighted to engage in this strategic partnership with Deutsche Aircraft. We believe that the best way to design an efficient and resilient supply chain is to integrate a strategic partner into the aircraft manufacturer's value chain early on. Our control tower solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each customer and are designed in a collaborative co-creation process."

thyssenkrupp will be responsible for the design of the material planning and procurement processes between multiple material and sub-tier suppliers. Its supply chain experts will develop the basis for a control tower solution that will ensure an optimal coordination of supply flows. A transparent and centralised data assessment stands at the core of the solution, to align demand and supply within the manufacturing network, cutting out obsolete inventories and material shortfalls.

Deutsche CEO Dave Jackson says: “Together with thyssenkrupp Aerospace our mission is to drive the aviation industry towards a more climate-friendly supply chain to set new benchmarks when it comes to new aircraft manufacturing processes. Although strongly integrated in Germany, this initiative is part of a global effort to change the way our supply chain partners can provide more environmentally-focused strategies to eventually reduce the environmental impact of such large scale manufacturing projects.”

Director of supply chain Maximilian Fahr adds: “The strategic capabilities of thyssenkrupp Aerospace will bring significant benefit across the supply chain and enable taking procurement decisions, in particular in times when global supply chain resilience is being challenged. The digitalisation of supply chain flows will enable proactive risk management and anticipate in an advanced risk management culture across the entire supply chain.”

As a supply management and third-party logistics (3PL) service provider for raw materials, thyssenkrupp offers end-to-end solutions to build resilient and digital supply chains. Its service portfolio is modular and scalable, encompassing all development stages from designing to managing and operating the supply chain for its customers.

With the D328eco, Deutsche Aircraft is driving the transition of aviation to a more climate-friendly future by developing an aircraft that will be more environmentally-friendly and efficient to operate but also to produce. Deutsche Aircraft rigorously selects its suppliers and partners to develop more sustainability-driven processes that ensure higher efficiency and cost savings.

The company appointed Aciturri Aerostructures as reference supplier for selected composite technologies for the D328eco. It will manufacture the fairings, landing gear doors and flight control movables, using composite and metallic technologies, and will ensure the assembly of the components for integration on the final assembly line.

The two companies are already working closely together towards the industrialisation of the programme, aiming to deliver the first parts for the prototype of the aircraft (T1) in the last quarter of 2024, in addition to some parts of the subsequent prototype and test aircraft planned for 2025. Aciturri's expertise and experience as a Tier 1 aerostructures manufacturer is an important part in the development of the D328eco regional and special mission turboprop aircraft.

“Aciturri's existing engineering and sustainability capabilities fully allow Deutsche Aircraft to meet time-to-market objectives of the D328eco, in alignment with Aciturri's footprint based on an increased energy-efficient manufacturing lifecycle," says Jackson. "We take pride in sharing the same vision on sustainability in our industry and are leading the way today to further develop innovative concepts.”

Aciturri CEO Álvaro Fernández Baragaño adds: “We are very grateful to Deutsche Aircraft for its confidence. Participating in the D328eco project is an excellent opportunity to bring our technological and industrial experience and capabilities to the development of a modern and sustainable aircraft. Regarding the possible scope for further collaboration, both companies are focused on developing new technologies to support the urgently needed transition to an aircraft industry that is sustainable, by reducing our carbon footprint through cleaner production processes. I am confident that this is just the first step on a long road of common collaboration of Deutsche Aircraft and Aciturri."

Anastasija Visnakova has been appointed VP sales and marketing, effective 1 August, 2022. She brings over 15 years of aviation experience, gained both in the airline and aircraft OEM industries, having held various executive positions in Air Baltic, Primera Air and DeHavilland Aircraft of Canada focusing on sales, marketing, market development and business development.

Visnakova will be responsible for all aircraft sales, including the D328eco aircraft, the legacy D328 aircraft, as well as overseeing marketing activities, overall communications and customer experience.

"I am excited to join Deutsche Aircraft as vice president sales and marketing to further work on developing the product, the commercial team, the customer portfolio for the D328eco, as well as the legacy D328 business," she says. "Providing technology to the most modern standards, in combination with a reduced environmental footprint in operation and production, I believe that the D328eco is a fantastic product that will provide operators with the best choice in the market of turboprops up to 50 seats. At the same time this aircraft will be a great replacement for older regional jets up to 70 seats. Deutsche Aircraft has an amazing team of great professionals I am truly honoured to join: I am looking forward to working together with the team towards our goals.”

Visnakova holds bachelor degrees in both social sciences and law. She is currently completing a LLM degree at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on Innovation and Technology. She also attended Harvard Business School and the Stockholm School of Economics, focusing on business administration, leadership and aviation management.

Deutsche Aircraft's new D328eco is being developed to deliver significant improvements in operational and maintenance costs as well as reductions in the overall carbon footprint. This is in line with its vision and strategic road-map to support a more sustainable future for aviation. The D328eco will offer maximum flexibility from normal aviation fuel to a blend and up to 100 per cent H2-PtL. H2PtL has a similar CO2 footprint compared with H2 direct burn.

The aircraft will be assembled in the paperless production line at Leipzig/Germany. All parameters are in high demand in the current aviation environment and the OEM is already seeing an increased interest in the D328eco from its potential customers and partners.

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