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7500 brings speed and range to Global Jet charter fleet
Global Jet is one of just a few operators that manage a Global 7500, so this is another milestone for the company since there are very few Global 7500s in the market that are available for charter.
The Global 7500 offers four living spaces, including a full size kitchen and a permanent bedroom.
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A new 2021 Bombardier Global 7500 has joined the fleet of Swiss-headquartered private jet operator Global Jet and is now available for charter.

“With the aircraft being operated on a floating base principle, we can charter the aircraft now exceptionally from any place in Europe with a competitive pricing,” says vice president of business development Bjorn Naberhuis.

Based in Europe, it can seat up to 15 passengers and offers the farthest and fastest flight in business aviation. Guests will be able to fly non-stop from Los Angeles to Dubai and feel refreshed due to Bombardier’s Pũr Air, an air purification system with a HEPA filter that purifies and cleans the air. In addition, they will be able to enjoy a low cabin altitude and an exceptionally quiet cabin of 50 dB. Long haul flights are the target market, but Global Jet has seen high demand across Europe this summer.

“The 7500 might not be the first aircraft for charter, but for sure it is the nicest one around today,” says Naberhuis. “The first trips have been successfully flown and the feedback has been really positive. The aircraft has amazing take off and landing performances and we already tested this on the first few flights, where customers wanted to leave from short runway airports. Also the new and latest cabin features are actually what clients enjoy the most. Using state-of-the-art tech that increases passenger comfort during the flight has been received with great enthusiasm.

“The quietness and four sections of the cabin really makes a difference. The real full-size bed is a big plus to have too. It is not a wide body aircraft, but the four zones do give you the feeling of being in a very large business jet. The extremely beautiful cabin has been carefully chosen and has a very agreeable and contemporary feeling to it, and was completed by Bombardier.

“The decorations in the aircraft have been carefully chosen by our inflight team to keep the spacious feeling and make the luxury of the materials stand out.”

The aircraft is equipped with GE Passport engines that will increase efficiency, reduce noise level, deliver more reliability and lower emissions, and reduce maintenance costs. It burns 470 Ibs of fuel per hour less than the Global 6000.

This Global 7500 incorporates the Nuage seat design. The forward cabin offers a club suite with four ergonomic executive seats plus a six seat meeting and dining area. The mid cabin offers an entertainment suite with a three place divan opposite a large TV screen. The aft cabin is arranged as a master bedroom.

It also features apps that connect and control the entertainment system. Once downloaded, clients can control lighting, temperature, music, the flatscreen TV and three cabin monitors. With Bluetooth they will be able to enjoy a range of entertainment features and will be able to utilise the Ka broadband internet system.

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