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Farnborough launches net zero roadmap with SAF initiative
Farnborough airport is committing to be net zero across its controllable emissions by 2030 or sooner, and will be the first airport in the world to offer SAF at the same price as standard Jet A1 for a trial period in July.
Farnborough airport's roadmap establishes one of the most ambitious net zero targets in the aviation sector.

The UK's Farnborough airport has launched its net zero roadmap, establishing one of the most ambitious net zero targets in the aviation sector. Titled 'Roadmap to Net Zero by 2030; Where will you be?', the Farnborough Airport Company is committing to be net zero across its controllable emissions by 2030 or sooner. This will result in a 91 per cent reduction of those emissions.

As part of the launch, ahead of this summer's 2022 Farnborough International Airshow, the airport will be offering sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which can reduce life cycle CO2 emissions by up to 80 per cent, at the same price as standard Jet A1 fuel for a trial period from 1 July up to the beginning of the airshow.

As the largest business aviation airport in the UK and having become the first in the world to achieve carbon neutrality in 2018, Farnborough is progressing its strategy to become a global showcase for airport sustainability through the launch of its net zero roadmap. CEO Simon Geere explains: “When it comes to supporting the decarbonisation of the aviation industry, we want to lead the way at Farnborough airport, which is why we have set ourselves one of the most ambitious targets in the industry by committing to be net zero across our controllable emissions by 2030 or sooner. Put simply, we want our customers to increasingly choose Farnborough airport because of our sustainability credentials, alongside our market leading facilities and our exceptional levels of customer care.”

The roadmap covers the reduction of emissions from buildings, the airfield and on-site operational vehicles. By 2035, it has also committed to targeting a reduction of its controllable emissions and those it has partial influence over by over 40 per cent. This includes emissions from the landing and take off cycle of aircraft up to 3,000 ft and surface access emissions generated by passenger journeys to and from the airport.

SAF was first introduced at the airport 12 months ago. Its increasing availability and demand are key components for reducing emissions generated by aircraft activity. At present, SAF production and purchase costs are a significant hurdle to its wholesale adoption across the aviation industry, so Farnborough is putting the spotlight on the importance of reducing the costs of SAF and signalling its intent to be a catalyst for change across the wider aviation industry.

“We know where we want to be,” Geere says. “We want to continue to be the premier business aviation airport in the world, building upon our historic and pioneering legacy. We also want to set the benchmark for environmental performance within our sector. We are on a journey to be net zero by 2030 or sooner; where will you be?”

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