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Deutsche Aircraft selects PW127XT-S for D328eco
The PW127XT-S means less down-time, reduced maintenance costs and improved fuel consumption for the D328eco. P&WC and Deutsche will look to enable the engine to run on hydrogen-based Power-to-Liquid fuel.
The PW127XT-S engine will power Deutsche Aircraft's D328eco regional turboprop.

Deutsche Aircraft has selected the PW127XT-S engine to power its D328eco regional turboprop. The engine will be another model in the XT series, delivering a significant improvement in operating costs and sustainability. It will be developed according to the D328eco timeline.

“We have worked closely with the D328eco team over a number of years to develop the best engine option for the aircraft,” says Pratt & Whitney Canada president Maria Della Posta. “The PW127XT-S provides airlines 40 per cent more time on wing, a 20 per cent reduction in maintenance costs with only two scheduled events over 10 years and a three per cent improvement in specific fuel consumption. We support Deutsche Aircraft's vision of building a green aviation company, and we're confident that the PW127XT-S is the ideal match for the D328eco.”

“Deutsche Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney Canada will also collaborate on novel propulsion technologies for next generation, climate friendly, highly efficient regional aircraft,” says Deutsche managing director Dave Jackson. “Turboprop technology remains the most efficient and ecofriendly form of regional air transport available in the world. Our two companies recently agreed to cooperate on enabling the PW127XT-S engine powering the D328eco to run on a 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) including hydrogen-based Power-to-Liquid (PtL) fuel.”

In fact, modern regional turboprops consume 40 per cent less fuel and emit 40 per cent fewer CO2 emissions than most in-service regional jets on flights up to 400 nm. Both companies are convinced of the need to further invest in this segment to continue to improve efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment. P&WC and Deutsche Aircraft have agreed to continue working together to jointly develop a technology roadmap for implementation, test and verification of P&WC's innovative propulsion technology, within the D328eco programme. Specifically, the roadmap will focus on the capability to operate the two most promising net zero/zero CO2 fuels: PtL and hydrogen, respectively. The parties will assess the impact of these fuels and related technologies and operations to derive the requirements and solutions for the application.

Jackson adds: “We seek not only to achieve the maximum CO2 emissions reduction possible, but also look for real operative propulsion efficiency improvements compared to today's technology. This would mean a reduction in the order of 15-25 per cent block energy on a typical regional mission.”

Della Posta concludes: “It is key that the major airframe and engine OEMs set out ambitious yet realistic timelines and capabilities to use novel propulsion technologies in combination with de-carbonised fuel capabilities. Pratt & Whitney Canada is committed to continuous improvements in the efficiency and sustainability of its products and services for customers in all market segments.”

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