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DRF Lufrettung develops latest-gen hoist sim
The latest helicopter hoist operation simulator is based on augmented reality. It is mobile so can be used at different training sites, and it can be connected to the Reiser Full Flight Simulator Level D in Frankfurt.
The winch procedures must be practiced again and again to ensure safety in use.

Germany-based air rescue service DRF Luftrettung and flight simulator manufacturer Reiser Simulation and Training are planning to launch an ultra-modern helicopter hoist operation simulator in Spring 2023. Its development draws on the many years of expertise that the two organisations have in air rescue, helicopter hoist operation and simulation. The simulator, which is based on augmented reality, enables highly professional hoist manoeuvre training for hoist operators and pilots, from standard procedures to emergency ones. Other new features include the extremely convenient option of mobile use as well as the possibility for connecting it to the Reiser full flight simulator Level D.

“It has two special aspects that are unique for the civil market. Firstly, the hoist simulator is mobile and is exceptionally convenient to use. This means it can be used quickly and straightforwardly at different air rescue and training sites. Secondly, it can be connected to the Reiser Full Flight Simulator Level D in Frankfurt, which makes it possible to design customised training flexibly,” explains head of hoist training Sebastian Schneider. “For example, a hoist operator will be able to train virtually in different hoist scenarios with his or her colleagues in Frankfurt. It is amazingly realistic thanks to the integration of the latest technology such as augmented reality and the motion component, in other words adaptation to changed attitude or weather influences.”

There is one key goal behind the innovative project: to increase the safety of helicopter hoist operations for crews and patients. Unlike real world flight training that takes place regularly at hoist bases, simulated ‘reality’ can play out emergency procedures as well. Moreover, particularly challenging or critical situations and individual sequences in highly complex hoist operations can be trained for repeatedly without having to think about the time of day or weather influences.

“We are very eager to develop and launch our new product. We believe strongly that the simulator will provide us with completely new possibilities for training and education,” adds Schneider.

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