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Reiser Simulation and Training   (Germany)
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News from Business Air News
DRF Lufrettung develops latest-gen hoist sim
June 20, 2022
The latest helicopter hoist operation simulator is based on augmented reality. It is mobile so can be used at different training sites, and it can be connected to the Reiser Full Flight Simulator Level D in Frankfurt.
First F-Light Line H135 Helionix training device qualified at RotorSky
January 31, 2022
RS Flight Systems and RotorSky have obtained EASA qualification of the first F-Light Line H135 Helionix flight simulation training device. It is driven by the same Level D software as a full flight simulator.
Reiser teams up with RS to produce a cost effective flight trainer
October 18, 2021
The new product line will feature the Level D capable flight model and Helionix avionics by Reiser, and the targeted fidelity hardware provided by RS. The final products will mainly target the market of flight schools.
September 24, 2021Rega opts for Reiser simulator to cultivate safe flying
June 21, 2021Germany qualifies Reiser H135 FFS to highest standard
October 25, 2020NCCH simulator demonstrates high level of competence
September 5, 2020LAT and DRF send H145 sim into service
November 1, 2017328 breaks into rotary market with Reiser Simulation and Training collaboration
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