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Duncan to deliver next-gen Spectrum lighting and wireless connectivity
With the proliferation of smart-cabin technologies, the next step is li-fi; the wireless transmission of data over light waves. Duncan will support Spectrum with initial aircraft certification including STCs and installation.

Duncan Aviation and Spectrum Networks have partnered to deliver next generation aircraft lighting and wireless connectivity solutions in the form of Spectrum Networks' laser-based li-fi and Far-UVC technologies.

Li-fi, or light fidelity, is the wireless transmission of data over both visible and invisible light waves, that offers significant security, bandwidth and speed advantages over wi-fi. Both Duncan Aviation and Spectrum Networks view the incorporation of laser light as the critical step-change to truly 'flood' a cabin with multi-gigabit per second (Gbps) throughput rates, which is far more supportive of high-resolution video streaming and the proliferation of smart cabin technologies.

Spectrum Networks is also developing a FAR-UVC sanitisation capability that can be standalone or incorporated in the same li-fi enabled light fixture. 222nm FAR-UVC is a recent technology development that is both safe for humans and cabin interior soft goods, thereby allowing for the continuous sanitisation of occupied spaces and surfaces.

The collaborative efforts thus far have included technical productisation details, installation considerations and design standards, certification planning, identification of launch customers and cost structure. Duncan Aviation will further support Spectrum Networks with initial aircraft certification including supplemental type certificates, installation and other product support activities where mutually beneficial for both companies.

Market availability for both the li-fi and FAR UV technologies is anticipated by the third quarter of this year.

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