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Global Jet turns to Leon for combined ops management app
After over a year of meticulous preparations, Swiss-headquartered private jet operator Global Jet has gone live with a new software solution for sales, operations and crew management.
Global Jet chooses Leon Software for sales, ops and crew management.
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Switzerland-headquartered operator Global Jet has gone live with a new sales, operations and crew management solution from technology provider Leon Software.

For more than 20 years, Global Jet has been innovating to ensure the highest level of safety, quality and service for its customers. Thus the company has been looking for a tailored software solution for its dynamic and large fleet, and recognised the potential for apps to develop and improve; an important factor in keeping ahead of the competition.

Over the past one and a half years, the Leon team has been developing, adjusting and improving its system. From advanced sub-charter support and crew planning to a dedicated board for aircraft owners, the company has added nearly three hundred custom-built features, developing a toolset that meets the high standards of the Geneva-based operator.

The implementation process has been conducted through regular meetings at two week intervals. This approach has guaranteed a smooth transition to the new technology, making sure that the extensive requirement list, a result of months of evaluation, has been implemented thoroughly at Global Jet.

“The beginning of our cooperation with Global Jet marks a significant milestone for us,” says Leon CEO Paweł Kruk. “Its impact is even more crucial for our customer base, as it would not be possible to extend the current functionality of our software without the immense feedback we have received from Global Jet. It is truly a great triumph for the whole community of Leon.”

From today, Global Jet offices worldwide have a single charter sales platform. This tool streamlines and centralises into one process the tasks from the different departments involved in booking and executing a flight. This allows the teams to process flight requests and answer questions swiftly with a high level of accuracy. All the offices have direct access to all the flights. This new programme enables the sales, crews and operations teams to be even more reactive towards their clients and able find them the best solution to meet their needs.

The same can be said about aircraft owner access. Global Jet's aircraft management clients will also have access to the tool to monitor the state of their flights or flight requests themselves.

“It is great to see the adaptations Leon has made in the past one and a half years based on our inputs, and how it has made the system grow in functionality. It has more logical now, and additional features have been implemented that make things simple for the user. The different departments can also share the workload thanks to the ease and simplicity of certain tasks, and the designs have relieved some of the work load, giving the user more time to spend on the client service part. It takes time to get used to a different system, but with a slow and steady introduction we were able to introduce our clients to the system in a staged programme and take away the little bugs. We are pleased now to be fully working with Leon in Geneva and our satellite offices. With the potential apps for owners and other development possibilities that the Leon team has shown us in the past year, we are confident to still be able to improve the service for our owners and charter clients in the near and foreseeable future,” says vice president business development Bjorn Naberhuis.

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