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FBO/Handler (Palma de Mallorca)

Palma de Mallorca Airport

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Mallorcair refurb attracts increased footfall
With passenger numbers rising, Mallorcair is getting great feedback from clients who are gradually returning to its terminal at Palma airport following a Mediterranean-themed makeover.
The Mallorcair FBO oozes Mediterranean charm.
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After opening its newly refurbished FBO accommodation at Palma de Mallorca airport’s general aviation terminal, Mallorcair has received a good deal of client feedback.

“They really appreciated the upgrade,” says commercial and sales manager Xavier Mudoy Simonet. “We wanted customers to feel at home. It’s a comfortable space that offers passengers a lot of privacy too.”

Following a complete renovation of the 400 sqm area that took around one year to complete, the new facilities are what he describes as organic and welcoming. The new look was designed and coordinated by an interior designer who has worked on many boutique hotels, commercials spaces and luxury properties. Across two large areas are a series of spaces with specially designed furniture, whose materials and colours were chosen to represent the island’s Mediterranean essence.

Over the last few years, Mallorca has become a location where a lot of Mediterranean traffic passes through. Many different types of people use the terminal; one any one day it may host business men, holidaymakers, second home owners or actors. While relaxing there, these passengers can get a nice cup of coffee thanks to a partnership with a local brand that uses only natural blends and 100 per cent Arabica beans.

“We noticed that after the renovation passengers are spending more time in our lounges while they wait to depart with their aircraft,” continues Mudoy. “Of course, there are also more flights coming through again now. But we do know that flying by private jet is all about connection and privacy. And with this renovation we have gone one step further and added comfort into the experience.”

What prompted the work? “Having been named the number one FBO at the airport again, it just seemed to be the right time to refurbish our facilities,” says Mudoy. "We also rebranded the company with a new corporate image and logo that gives us a more up to date look, it’s fresher. Orange, grey, white and beige have been our colours. They represent the Mediterranean style of life. Once we had chosen those, the renovation process started to take shape.”

“And last but not least,” he adds, “are the ice creams. They are on us and the passengers, and especially the crews, love them.”

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