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Landscaping experts put first Citation M2 Gen2 into service
The first Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 has been to delivered to a California customer. The versatile light jet enjoys performance and cabin amenities often found only in larger jets.
Elite Team Offices owner Guy Stockbridge accepts the keys to his new M2 Gen2 from Textron Aviation regional sales director Natalie Stadelman.
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Textron Aviation is celebrating the first delivery of the Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 light jet, following completion of FAA type certification, to California-headquartered Elite Team Offices. The milestone comes less than six months after Textron unveiled its latest model.

“We redefined the entry-level light jet segment when we brought the Citation M2 to market in 2013, and with this integration of next generation interior technology and design, we know the M2 Gen2 will continue to be among the most popular light jet models,” says senior vice president, customer experience Christi Tannahill. “We’re thrilled to get this airplane into the hands of the customers who helped shape it. Guy Stockbridge and his Elite Team Offices operation represent the ideal customer for the M2 Gen2: a first-time aircraft owner whose missions demand a versatile aircraft with performance and cabin amenities often found only in larger jets.”

Stockbridge started his enterprise as a home-based landscape maintenance business in 1987. Elite Team Offices now employs more than 500 people across its landscape, landscape management, renewable energy civil grading, vertical and development construction companies across the country.

“We are excited beyond explanation on finally owing our own light jet and what it will do for me, my wife, our teammates and clients,” says Stockbridge. “Knowing we can get to any project we have across the United States in hours seems unbelievable and amazing at the same time. We are looking forward to flying out of Wichita in our new M2 Gen2 jet straight to one of our solar projects in Arizona and be at home in the same day. What a blessing.”

Textron Aviation’s investment in reimagining the interior of the Citation M2 platform strengthens the model’s focus on pilot and passenger comfort as well as productivity. The M2 Gen2 cabin has premium interior styling, ambient accent lighting, remastered illuminated cupholders and a newly designed optional folding side-facing seat that converts into additional cargo storage.

Productivity has been bolstered with the latest cabin technology, such as wireless charging capabilities and USB-A and USB-C ports at each cabin seat. In the cockpit, three inches of legroom has been added to the co-pilot position for enhanced comfort. Additionally, cabin entry threshold materials have been improved for durability and maintainability.

The Citation M2 Gen2 has a maximum cruise speed of 464 miles per hour and a range of 1,550 nautical miles. The aircraft can operate at airports with runways as short as 3,210 ft and will climb to 41,000 ft in 24 minutes. It is designed for single pilot operation and features two Williams FJ44 engines, updated touch-controlled Garmin G3000 avionics and seating for seven passengers.

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