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Green Charter 2022
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Boeing 767 addition supports iAero sports charter
iAero Airways has completed its certification for, and begun operating, its Boeing 767-300ER, the first of its kind in its fleet. The VIP aircraft will support iAero's expanding charter and sports team businesses.
An ultra luxurious VIP team-carrying interior.

US passenger charter and cargo air carrier iAero Airways has completed the rigorous FAA process of adding Boeing 767s to its ever-expanding fleet. The team worked closely with the FAA to accomplish this important certification.

iAero Airways added the VIP Boeing 767-300ER as the first of its kind in the fleet. Following the FAA guidelines and completing the required proving flights, the FAA has granted Operations Specifications to iAero Airways to begin revenue operations with the new aircraft type. The first flight for the American professional basketball team Houston Rockets was completed last week.

The company expects great interest in the charter market for the VIP-configured Boeing 767. It represents one of the most unique and luxurious charter aircraft in the market with many upgraded amenities one would expect in the finest business jets, including lie-flat seats, high speed wi-fi, entertainment systems and a bar.

"The addition of this Houston Rockets VIP B767 into our fleet begins a new and exciting chapter at iAero Airways," says iAero Group CEO Robert Caputo. "It marks not only our expansion into wide body aircraft but our further expansion into professional sports, a testament to the iAero Airways team and their exceptional safety and service standards."

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