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Skywork's business development goes global
Stephen Judd has joined Skyworks as director of global business development. His far reaching experience in many technological fields will bring welcome momentum to the company.
Director of global business development Stephen Judd.

Gyronautics developer Skyworks Aeronautics has welcomed Stephen Judd as director of global business development. He will be based at the company's UK offices.

“Stephen's exceptional experience and success in global business development will be very valuable as Skyworks expands globally,” says co-founder and CEO John Michel. “We are excited to welcome him to our team.”

Driven by a passion for technology, Judd has delivered services and products to customers around the world. With a special desire to connect with local cultures and understand customer needs, he has been able to build long-lasting relationships that deliver true collaboration and value to all parties. Whether the product has been fighter aircraft modifications, flight test programmes or flight control systems, Judd has structured and delivered both services and products in a blend that has a transformational impact for the customer.

After completing an innovative project for British Airways' RB211 engine builds, Judd got a taste for leading multi-national projects when delivering critical cooling systems to a key missile defense programme. Taking on a project management role at Stirling Dynamics provided an opportunity to work on the global stage, leading the business development and delivery of advanced active flight control systems to prestigious programmes with Boeing Helicopters, NASA, Gulfstream, Embraer, DLR and many more. World-leading products led to world firsts in fly-by-wire helicopter applications in both Europe and the USA. Winning the key contract to supply active controls to the Lockheed Martin F-35 training programme provided the business with an enduring revenue stream. Judd was soon leading the company and developing expert teams in advanced engineering specialties such as submarine autopilots, aeroelastics and landing gear design. Airbus, Bombardier, BAE Systems and many other primes became reliant upon these teams. Judd led the expansion into the USA and Japan, with operations in Seattle, Orlando and Nagoya.

Judd has continued building global experience and networks by supplying bomb disposal products and robotics to government agencies on all continents. Diversification for growth targets led to many executive and non-executive roles in university spin-offs and disruptive technology companies. In 2014 this directly led to involvement in gyroplane development and an unwavering belief that the technology is both underexploited and truly transformational. This belief led him to Skyworks.

“I am very excited to be joining the exceptional Skyworks Aeronautics team,” says Judd. “Skyworks' gyroplanes hold the potential to revolutionise flight in a diverse range of aircraft markets, offering customers huge advantages and many benefit.”

Trained as an aeronautical engineer at Kingston University, he continued his education in diverse management disciplines and won a scholarship to the Kellogg School of Management to study Business Marketing Strategy. He has been a member of university industrial advisory boards and delivered lectures from Shanghai to Los Angeles.

“The Skyworks board is thrilled to have yet another exceptional individual join the company's senior leadership team,” adds co-founder and executive chairman Steve G Stevanovich.

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