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Aircraft Sales
Skyworks Aeronautics Corp   (U.S.A.)
Manufacturer of:
Skyworks eGyro
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Company data
News from Business Air News
Bartlett to lead on Skyworks certification
April 28, 2022
Jeff Bartlett has joined Skyworks to head up the certification of its gyroplanes. The DOA expert believes these vehicles hold the potential to revolutionise flight in a diverse range of aircraft markets.
GEM ups funding in Skyworks to $200m
April 17, 2022
Skyworks has secured greater investment from GEM as it continues to work on developing its eGyro and VertiJet aircraft, targeting the UAM air taxi and helicopter markets respectively.
Skywork's business development goes global
February 2, 2022
Stephen Judd has joined Skyworks as director of global business development. His far reaching experience in many technological fields will bring welcome momentum to the company.
November 23, 2021UAM inches closer in Incheon
September 17, 2021No time like the present to implement eVTOLs in Brazil
August 4, 2021Nortavia opts for ten eGyro electric aircraft
July 4, 2021Mint spearheads eVTOL consortium in Korea
Press Releases
Skyworks Aeronautics adds test pilot11/10/2021
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