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Jet It adds range with Gulfstream G150s
With demand for jets at an all time high plus share-owner demand to go further, Jet It's purchase of two G150s is a step toward cross-country travel. The company intends to be launch customer for the HondaJet 2600.
Jet It gives customers coast-to-coast capability with two Gulfstream G150s.

North Carolina-headquartered fractional jet ownership programme Jet It has added two eight passenger Gulfstream G150 aircraft to its current fleet of HondaJet aircraft in order to meet owner demand for longer distance travel. The aircraft will be made available to all Jet It owners.

"We are focused on providing more value to our shareholders," says co-founder and CEO Glenn Gonzales. "With the addition of the first of many Gulfstream aircraft, we are further increasing the value added for shareholders with increased capacity and coast-to-coast capability."

The mid cabin aircraft has a range of 3,200 nm, and the two fleet additions mean Jet It owners can meet their regional and transcontinental travel needs with the same cost effective Jet It programme they are accustomed to.

Jet It is presently the HondaJet's largest fleet operator so thinking forward, the company intends to be the launch customer for the new HondaJet 2600, an 11 passenger aircraft with a range of 2,625 nm. It will be the first light jet capable of non stop transcontinental flight across the United States.

Gonzales adds: "The G150 will lead to a seamless integration of cross continental travel for our shareowners. Honda's commitment to aviation with the announcement of the Honda Jet 2600 is exciting, and we intend to be the launch customer when the aircraft becomes available. Three years in, we're excited to add larger, longer range options with an auspicious business plan."

Other News
Signature Technicair authorised for HondaJet service support
May 15, 2022
Signature TechnicAir has launched its authorised service centre support for the Honda Aircraft Company in the UK, serving Western European HondaJet customers.
Jet It selects SmartSky for fleet-wide inflight connectivity
April 17, 2022
Jet It will be the first operator to use SmartSky's LiTE inflight connectivity once the STC is approved for HondaJet aircraft. Installation is expected this summer.
Jet It chief wins top AOPA award
April 1, 2022
US Air Force veteran and aviation industry expert Glenn Gonzales has been honoured with the Brig Gen Charles McGee Aviation Inspiration Award at the AOPA annual gala.