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Universal tightens information security belt
As the data privacy landscape changes in response to breaches and hacks, Universal can reassure operators that it has earned ISO 27001 certification for trip support services and uvGO Mission Management Platform.
Universal earns ISO 27001 information security certification for trip support services and uvGO Mission Management Platform.

Business aviation mission management company Universal Weather and Aviation has earned ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for its Information Security Management System, including all four of its international trip support offices, as well as its uvGO Mission Management Platform.

“Following the media coverage of many high profile data breaches and hacks on well-known companies, data privacy and security, including new information such as the confidentiality of COVID test results and vaccination status, are a priority for many flight departments,” says chief information security officer Wyman Miles. “We share those concerns and prioritise staying on top of the ever-changing data privacy landscape by investing in a robust security process that leverages the latest technology and best practices to help safeguard sensitive information, such as Gendecs, health and testing info, manifests and flight planning data. Our ISO 27001 certification is a mark of distinction and demonstrates that we are one of the few mission management companies in our industry that meet and surpass the highest standard for information security and data privacy.”

Universal was certified following an extensive third party audit process by Schellman & Company. This certification represents a programme of annual risk assessments, internal and external audits, continual improvement, penetration testing, vulnerability management, employee training, physical and personnel security and business continuity processes.

“For the many Fortune 500 flight departments we support, our ISO 27001 certification will prove to be an immense time-saver, as it will streamline and expedite their IT audit and due diligence processes when auditing Universal,” adds Miles. “It will also prove useful for smaller flight departments, which may not have the resources to conduct their own full IT security audits of Universal.”

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