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HAI and EHA partnership will drive viability of VTOL
Having worked together on a number of projects, the HAI and EHA confirmed a closer partnership at the 2021 European Rotors VTOL show. The associations will collaborate on initiatives supporting the VTOL industry.
EHA chairman Peter Moeller and HAI president and CEO James Viola.

Helicopter Association International (HAI) has formed a partnership with the European Helicopter Association (EHA), solidifying a long term relationship between the two associations for the international VTOL industry, recognising their aligned values and missions, and formalising their ability to collaborate on initiatives and programmes. The agreement will take effect from 1 January, 2022.

EHA chairman Peter Moeller says: “The European Helicopter Association and Helicopter Association International share common priorities, interests and goals in promoting safety, professionalism and innovative advancements within the industry, as well as driving to improve the economic viability of the VTOL sector. Recently, our two associations have been looking at ways we can more closely work together by taking advantage of collaborative opportunities that draw on the best of each organisation, those programmes that we have already determined to be successful, so that we are able to work more efficiently in supporting our members and the industry.”

“This partnership strengthens the already-close relationship between HAI and EHA and represents our commitment to work together to meet our aligned goals," adds HAI president and CEO James Viola. "We both want to see a VTOL industry with zero accidents that is able to continue its work on behalf of society while being economically vibrant, growing, diverse and sustainable. By combining our resources and efforts, we will see increased efficiencies that will in turn help HAI and EHA to make a greater impact. We firmly believe our members and the international VTOL community will benefit from this agreement.”

The EHA and HAI teams have already combined efforts on several projects. On the international level, the two are both active in the Vertical Aviation Safety Team and within HAI's International Partnership Program. At the regional level, HAI lent EHA marketing and operational support as it organised the first edition of the European Rotors event.

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