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Helicopter Association International   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Aviation stakeholders submit comments to EPA’s proposed endangerment finding
January 23, 2023
With regard to the removal of lead from avgas, the EPA and FAA are urged to prioritise a safe transition where regulatory actions align with deployment of a viable unleaded alternative for the US piston fleet.
Book-and-Claim initiative can make Davos more sustainable
January 16, 2023
Five HAI members join ASAP
October 1, 2022
US rotary operators Apollo MedFlight, CHI Aviation, HALO-Flight, Helimax Aviation and Idaho Helicopters have joined the ACSF ASAP programme, where safety issues can be discussed without threat of a violation.
HAI and EHA plan 2022 rotor show
March 24, 2022
Closer ties are in evidence between HAI and EHA. Not only will they be sharing office space, but the two VTOL organisations are committed to co-producing forthcoming European Rotors shows.
HAI closes successful 2022 expo
March 14, 2022
March 1, 2022Stakeholder groups commit to lead-free transition
February 28, 2022Longhorn supports Heli-Expo with heli charter
February 7, 2022EPA called on to expand SAF feedstocks
January 31, 2022El Aero becomes inaugural customer for HAI’s SMS
January 6, 2022Industry calls for additional 5G mitigations
November 29, 2021HAI and NGFT release handy rotary risk tools
November 23, 2021HAI and EHA partnership will drive viability of VTOL
November 5, 2021US Congress called on to increase funding for alternative fuels
April 25, 2021EU Summit lays out plans for sustainable fuels
March 25, 2021Jorgensen and Kenin come onboard at HAI
January 25, 2021HAI makes difficult decision to push expo back a year
January 18, 2021Viola tugs on heartstrings with impassioned bid for HAI
December 28, 2020US congressional bill wins NBAA and HAI approval
December 28, 2020Industry leaders publish dry leasing guide
December 14, 2020NATA leads the call for FCC to review 5G spectrum
September 5, 2020Army veteran Hertzendorf to run ops at HAI
August 24, 2020Next year's Heli Expo delegates are ‘ready to do business’
June 26, 2020HAI creates pledge to raise cleaning standards
June 15, 2020NBAA looks to put the brakes on Ligado 5G
June 7, 2020FAA arranges exemption extension with NATA
April 26, 2020HAI mourns passing of celebrated colleague Halvorson
April 13, 2020NBAA requests continuity through pandemic exemptions
March 22, 2020NATA writes for relief to keep GA flying
March 19, 2020NBAA appeals to Congress on virus' effects on industry
February 29, 2020Helicopter industry mourns loss of Zuccaro
February 23, 2020GA contribution to US economy remains strong
January 7, 2020HAI names next president and CEO
September 2, 2019Life Flight demonstrates safety to earn HAI-APS
July 22, 2019Online job search facility goes live
June 29, 2019Retirement date is set for HAI president
January 21, 2019HAI honours Bell's training chief
November 3, 2018GA associations release recommended best business practices
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