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Prometheus fires up future network's SAF supply
Transcend Air’s fast flying fleet of Vy 400 VTOL aircraft will enjoy carbon neutral flight thanks to Promethean Forged jet fuel. The energy company creates emissions-free fuel from wind and solar energy.
Transcend Air is to power its Vy 400 fleet with carbon neutral Promethean Forged jet fuel.

Transcend Air Corporation is to source sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Silicon Valley-based green energy provider Prometheus Fuels for its aerial regional transport service.

Once established, Transcend Air expects its VTOL Vy 400 fleet to link over 40 US city pairs and cut door to door travel times by between 67-85 per cent. The aircraft will be powered by emissions-free Promethean Forged jet fuel and, with a speed of more than 400 mph, could make the journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 55 minutes.

“We are extremely excited about partnering with Prometheus because it will provide us with zero net carbon operations at an excellent price, opening an entirely new path to a sustainable future for aviation,” says Transcend Air co-founder and CEO Gregory Bruell. “Our aerial regional transport service will offer lower door to door costs than taking an airline, cut travel time by over two thirds, provide a comfortable and accessible experience for all and do it with zero carbon emissions on Prometheus SAF.”

Prometheus is an energy startup that removes CO2 from the air and turns it into zero net carbon gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The carbon salvage and molecular sorting processes are powered by renewable electricity; the only outputs are fuel and oxygen.

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