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Aircraft upgrades are a breeze at CMS with 3D printers
Cabin Management Solutions uses Markforged X7 3D printers to custom make FAA approved aircraft parts to specific customer requests, including making over 100 parts for one aircraft.

Cabin Management Solutions (CMS), an in-flight cabin management and entertainment systems company, in Conroe, Texas, is using two Markforged X7 industrial carbon fibre 3D printers to print high-quality parts for cabin management maintenance, upgrades and replacements in luxury aircraft.

CMS, founded in 2019, works with aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul companies and individual aircraft owners to design and develop cabin control and entertainment systems for luxury, private and business jets. CMS uses the 3D printers to create custom parts that are high strength, low weight, flame retardant and FAA compliant. They have improved the quality and speed of parts production, enabling CMS to complete a higher volume of jobs at a quicker pace.

“In the aerospace industry, quality and on-the-fly adaptability are crucial to success,” says Jeff Pike, VP of engineering at CMS: “We often have to produce low volume, high value parts from scratch which can be time and labour intensive. Markforged's X7 allows us to do this quickly and more efficiently, while ensuring functionality and retaining the upscale aesthetics expected in luxury aircraft.”

For one aircraft CMS printed at least 100 different parts, including approximately 20 light switch panels, a cabin climate controller, latches, release buttons, USB-C and drop-in USB-A chargers, and adjustable touch screen brackets, all using the X7 printer. To meet customer demands, CMS has an additional level of customisation including overlays that mimic upscale cabin surfaces including gold metal electroplating and wood veneer.

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