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Alsie puts faith in ops data crunching software
Business aviation is essentially a set of complex rules and conditions, says JetManager, which we execute unconsciously based on data. It transfers that data from the human brain to the machine for data crunching.

Air Alsie, an AOC operator based in Sonderborg, Denmark, has strengthened its data partnership with JetManager, the Swiss aviation operating system. "We have already seen increased staff interaction, and users are particularly pleased with the simplicity of the visual workflow and to find all information in a single place, in real time. We expect JetManager to be a real game changer," says Tom Carstensen, head of sales at Air Alsie.

Air Alsie says it values JetManager as an intelligent, powerful and privately hosted software solution to foster customer delight, business growth and operational efficiency. JetManager’s code library, artificial intelligence and machine learning formats verify and relate operational data to deliver actionable value across all business units.

Looking back at successfully doing business for over 30 years, JetManager provides Air Alsie with the technological foundation to move its proven business rules to the digital age, benefiting from a highly customisable, dedicated software solution which digitises organisational data streams and creates verified, actionable insights throughout the entire organisation.

Mutual projects include AutoDispatch, the industry’s first fully automated dispatch solution, which will bring down dispatch times and cost a fraction of what it is today. Further milestones will be a blockchain-based aircraft digital record and the JetManager marketplace, a disruptive approach to procurement, among others.

JetManager was launched to bring verified, actionable data to the industry: intelligent software which augments daily work by providing data-driven, real-time support to make better decisions and to reduce manual work through automation.

“We believe email got out of hand and that there is a better way. JetManager puts a stop to information wrapping and data silos. Instead, we digitise your organisational data streams and unify them to gain actionable insights,” says Marc Knapp, CEO of JetManager. “Business aviation is essentially a set of complex rules and conditions, which we execute unconsciously based on data. We transfer that data from the human brains to the machine, so it can actually help us. Although we won’t be able to reduce the industry’s complexity, JetManager’s business rules allow us to model this complexity and to automate it. In order to stay competitive we need to learn how to use the machine for what it does best: process automation and data crunching. That results in the best of both worlds: powerful IT that makes a difference, and an augmented human intelligence that frees staff to what they do best: service the customer and be creative.”

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