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Legends trusts Tecnam to deliver the training goods
Legends Airways has put pen to paper for a handful of Tecnam training aircraft. Students will fly the P2006T light twin with Garmin G1000 NXi to complete their Multi-Commercial and Multi-Engine Instructor Certificates.
Flight school director Justin Dal Colletto says he is moving with the times by signing with Tecnam.

Legends Airways has signed a purchase agreement with Tecnam for a fleet of five initial aircraft for its fixed wing flight training school. The purchase consists of two P2008 LSA, two P2010 standard category four-place and one P2006T twin.

This kind of acquisition is what Tecnam calls ‘Fleet Solution’, where a Flight School can offer different models to cover all the flight training requirements, from initial training to complex (multi-engine, Variable Pitch Propeller and Retractable Landing Gear). With low operating costs and competitive rates for students, the school has Tecnam as a single source for all needs. The Tecnam platforms for training are based on modern aircraft models, that exceed a very strict and high level certification process that 1950s-design aircraft on the training market cannot meet.

Students will fly the P2006T light twin with Garmin G1000 NXi to complete their Multi-Commercial and Multi-Engine Instructor Certificates.

“As flight training continues to evolve in the modern age, it is crucial that flight academies progress with the times,” says flight school director Justin Dal Colletto. “That is why Legends Airways is partnering with Tecnam, who shares these beliefs in producing safe, sleek, and innovative aircraft that exemplify what it means to learn to fly in the 21st century. We look forward to integrating Tecnam's technologically advanced fleet into our academy and providing our students with safety-orientated and world-class training.”

Tecnam North America director David Copeland adds: “Tecnam aircraft being selected by Legends as its next generation training fleet is a high honor. The Tecnam fleet solution offers easy transition to more complex aircraft while leveraging an LSA, a Rotax powered twin and US based AOG support to keep the acquisition and operational costs down. This will allow Legends to continue to provide a safe and cost attainable pathway for students.”

Chief sales officer Walter Da Costa comments: “We are delighted at Legends Airways choice for their fixed wing fleet. Our expanded commitment and direct factory involvement to the US market is showing the results we have forecast. We care a lot for our North American customers and training organisations, we are proud to be a partner on their path to success. With the widest line of aircraft in our portfolio, post-sales support and services, Tecnam is not only providing aircraft but a solid Fleet Solution.”

Legends Airways, headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, is an FAA Part 135 on-demand air carrier currently operating all over the United States utilising cargo Saab 340Bs and a cargo Jetstream 31. In addition to the Part 135 certificate, Legends Airways wholly owns a FAA Part 141/Part 61 flight school. This combination provides an advantage over other Part 135s, allowing Legends to cater training at a professional level from the beginning to prepare students to serve as safe, responsible, and professional pilots. Simultaneously, the school provides a pipeline of skilled and competent first officers into their air carrier operation.

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