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Charter Matrix welcomes increased Airplane Manager signups
The private aviation industry is preparing for a significant resurgence as travel limitations begin to be lifted. Flight scheduling software Airplane Manager, operated by Charter Matrix, is right at the centre of the action., a web-based software and app system owned by Nevada-based Charter Matrix, has seen an increase of over 25 per cent in new customer signups in the past 12 months.

Charter Matrix president Terry Cooper says: “The demand seems to be increasing daily with the anticipation of travel limitations being lifted soon. We have a finger on the pulse of the industry here because private jets and private aircraft mostly now use flight scheduling software such as ours. The scheduling of flights is increasing daily and is being scheduled out six months in advance. As flights are scheduled, our system helps facilitate the needed arrangements for these aircraft such as fuel, flight planning, international handling, customs, hotels and catering.

“Currently the demand looks to quickly put the industry back to maximum capacity and Airplane Manager is preparing for more increases by adding new features and server capacity. In a pandemic, we never know what is ahead, however the private aircraft industry is ready and willing to take on the demands. There is a strong and steady growth rate within the shared ownership segment of the industry. We've seen families coming together to purchase their own jet or turboprop aircraft.”

Recently, six families purchased a single turboprop and quickly learned that they would need scheduling software such as Airplane Manager to organise and track their flights. As the industry adjusts to this increase and change in demand, Airplane Manager expects growth to continue well into 2022.

Since early 2020, the commercial airline industry has taken a big hit. During a time when many were afraid to travel, most commercial airline companies received bailouts and grants by governments as part of COVID-19 stimulus packages. Many flights were shut down and customer service was not readily available due to layoffs and furloughs. However, this leveraged and put the private jet industry more in demand. Cooper, however, says his scheduling software company experienced an increase in sales in the private and corporate jet industry.

Safety in the privacy of a corporate jet or general aviation aircraft is now attractive to those who who can afford it. Limitations on travel have slowed the industry down for several months and the unknown had some worried about the future. However, recently business class and first-class passengers have started buying up aircraft or shares of flights. This is ramping up to look like the largest boom the private jet industry has ever seen, according to Cooper.

Airplane Manager was launched in 2009 as a flight scheduling software for the air charter and private jet industry. It provides air charter software, private jet scheduling software and aircraft management systems.

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