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Gulfstream jets to benefit from True Blue inverters
The 1200-watt inverter provides 400 Hz of essential power to emergency systems in the event of aircraft power failure. It is a drop-in replacement for existing E-inverters on Gulfstream G550, GV and G450 aircraft.

True Blue Power is to provide Gulfstream Aerospace's business jets with reliable, easy-to-install emergency power inverters.

The True Blue Power TI1204 DC-to-AC Inverter is now a drop-in replacement for existing E-inverters on Gulfstream G550, GV and G450 model aircraft. Aftermarket installation requires no mechanical or wiring changes.

The 1200-watt inverter provides 400 Hz of essential power to emergency systems in the event of aircraft power failure. In addition to improved reliability, the TI1204 delivers more power per pound than the nearest competition, weighing nearly six pounds less than existing E-inverters. This valuable weight savings provides aircraft owners and operators significantly more useful load.

“Gulfstream is one of the most technologically-advanced business jet manufacturers in the industry,” says True Blue VP of OEM sales and support Erik Ritzman. “Our TI1204 reduces unnecessary delays and delivers the trusted performance expected of such highly-regarded aircraft. “The selection of our inverter for this application demonstrates that we are well positioned to replace existing E-inverters on a wide range of business jets and commercial aircraft.”

True Blue, the first company to receive FAA TSO certification for lithium-ion batteries, has also announced it that has added a 60 amp-hour lithium-ion battery to its Gen5 product line. The TB60 saves up to 50 pounds per battery, significantly reducing aircraft empty weight and increasing useful load.

“This battery is a beast. It's our most powerful battery designed for the most powerful aircraft,” explains Van Winter, market development manager. “It's ideal for larger Part 25 aircraft, Part 29 rotorcraft, military and UAS platforms needing higher amp-hours for longer-running emergency and back-up power.”

The TB60 is certified to TSO-C179b, RTCA DO-311A, RTCA DO-160G and RTCA DO-178C Design Assurance Level A. The battery delivers superior reliability and performance and offers on-condition maintenance. The result is zero capacity checks and reduced maintenance costs by up to 90 per cent. It is ideal for use in rugged environments and outperforms all other aircraft batteries in extreme temperatures, from minus 40 to plus 70 degrees Celsius.

TB60 lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and powerful, weighing 55 per cent less and delivering more amp hours per pound than any other aircraft battery. It communicates real-time state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH) data and has a built-in test indicator that provides SOC data without the need for external test equipment, load banks or auxiliary power. Battery configurations are programmed for each specific aircraft: Charge current limit, end-of-life capacity, minimum dispatch capacity and engine-start readiness. The unit has eight years useful battery life, up to four times longer than lead-acid and three years longer than NiCad batteries. It is also environmentally friendly, eliminating toxic metals and acid spills, significantly reducing carbon emissions and it can be recycled or disposed of in area landfills.

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May 24, 2024
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StandardAero confirmed as authorised SpaceX Starlink dealer
April 7, 2024
StandardAero adds Starlink to its suite of connectivity solutions offered for various business aircraft platforms. Starlink is unique as the first and largest satellite constellation in low Earth orbit to deliver high-speed internet.
True Blue surges to deliver new batteries
March 24, 2024
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March 21, 2024
This significantly increases Starlink inflight connectivity access to another segment of the intercontinental aircraft fleet. Video calls and streaming movies are not disrupted either inflight or on the ground.