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Flying Colours commences first CL604 Ka-band installation
This is the first time that Flying Colours has installed Ka-band in a CL604. As an authorised Collins Aerospace dealer, it is also geared up to install Pro Line Fusion avionics in Challenger 604 flight decks.
The 96-month maintenance inspection is being conducted in tandem with a 192-month landing gear restoration.

Having completed numerous Ka-band installations on large cabin business jets, international MRO business Flying Colours has begun its first Ka-band installation on a Challenger 604. The connectivity system upgrade forms one part of a wider 96-month heavy maintenance check.

In addition to the technical inspection, the Flying Colours avionics team will equip the aircraft with the powerful Honeywell JetWave Ka-band high-speed satcom system. Installation of a tail-mounted antenna, internal wiring and fitting of a Satcom Direct router will optimise cabin connectivity and wi-fi access in-flight. Once activated, passengers will benefit from reliable, rich broadband data transfer supporting web-browsing, email, voice and text applications, video conferencing, live TV and video streaming across multiple digital devices.

The 96-month maintenance inspection is being conducted in tandem with a 192-month landing gear restoration, along with other maintenance tasks and required service bulletins. The privately owned aircraft is undergoing the work at the Flying Colours Peterborough facility in Ontario, Canada.

“The installation of Ka-band on larger jets is the norm, but this is the first Challenger 604 that we have upgraded to the high-speed offering. It highlights the growing importance of connectivity across the aviation spectrum,” says Flying Colours executive VP Eric Gillespie. “Our customer recognised the many benefits of the higher frequency service and how it enhances the flight experience, especially on international flights. The upgrade was available through the Bombardier Service Bulletin, and we're excited to make the installation. Looking forward we anticipate we'll be seeing more requests for faster connectivity solutions on a wider number of airframe sizes as connectivity becomes a lead priority for owners and operators.”

As an authorised Collins Aerospace dealer, Flying Colours is also geared up to install the Pro Line Fusion avionics system in Bombardier Challenger 604 flight decks. The enhanced avionics system features 14.1-inch touchscreen navigation, ADS-B Out, FANS 1/A, synthetic vision and graphical weather to support safer and more efficient flying. Equipping of the system will improve aircraft operations, augment the flight deck experience and deliver similar capabilities to those of the Challenger 605 and Challenger 650 flight deck.

“We are a Bombardier authorised service facility, as well as a preferred completion centre for the OEM so we have extensive experience with the Bombardier Challenger 604 model,” adds Gillespie. “With many of the type still in service this upgrade reduces obsolescence, supports asset value retention and delivers owners an aircraft compliant with existing and upcoming international mandates. Whether it's a simple flight deck upgrade or one facet of a wider MRO project, we are ready to support owners from around the world with this installation.” Both the Flying Colours Corp. Peterborough, Ontario. and St Louis, Missouri. Flying Colours Corp. facilities offer the Pro Line Fusion installation capabilities for the 604.

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