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1,000th Textron 560XL aircraft lands at Custom Jet
The 560XL jet series includes the Cessna Citation Excel, Cessna Citation XLS and Cessna Citation XLS+ models, all designed and manufactured by Textron. The 1,000th unit is ready for operations in the northeastern US.
The one thousandth example of the trusty Excel series of jets.
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Custom Jet Charters, an FAA-certified Part 135 operator based at Palm Beach International and Westchester County airports, has taken delivery of a Cessna Citation XLS+. It is the 1,000th 560XL series aircraft to be delivered by Textron Aviation.

The 560XL jet series includes the Cessna Citation Excel, Cessna Citation XLS and Cessna Citation XLS+ models, all designed and manufactured by Textron. Offering transcontinental range, enhanced cabin and cockpit technology and superior performance, the jets in the 560XL family have transformed business aviation, evolving with the industry and operators throughout the past 25 years. Today, the global fleet of 560XL aircraft has amassed more than five million flight hours.

“The 560XL series is known for propelling the landscape of business aviation forward, delivering speed, spaciousness and comfort to a new segment of the industry,” says senior VP of global sales and flight ops Lannie O'Bannion. “Its evolution and prominence continue to resonate with customers across the globe: Every two minutes, a 560XL jet takes off or lands somewhere in the world. This milestone delivery is a direct reflection of our customers' trust and the dedication of our employees who continue to build and support the Citation 560XL family of aircraft.”

The most recent evolution of the Citation 560XL family of jets, the Citation XLS+, features wide passenger seats, FADEC engine controls and Collins Pro Line 21 avionics with four LCD cockpit displays and the addition of graphical weather charts and maps.

This year, Cessna-AVIC Aircraft (Zhuhai), a Textron joint venture in China, is expected to deliver the 300th XLS+ to the Flight Inspection Center of CAAAC (CFIC). This will be the sixth aircraft delivered as part of the eight Cessna Citation XLS+ purchase agreement signed in December 2018.

The Citation XLS+ equips operators with speeds of up to 441 kts with a maximum economy range of 2,100 nm, a takeoff field length as short as 3,560 ft and the aircraft climbs to 45,000 ft in 29 minutes. With strong high-elevation performance and steep approach capabilities, the XLS+ can takeoff and land at airports with an elevation of up to 14,000 ft and meets the standards of ILS CAT II.

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