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Alto releases new iterations of Cadence entertainment system
Alto's Cadence upgrades offer the possibility of integration or full replacement of the existing cabin management system in the aircraft with a master controller. The company calls the system ‘non-compromise’.
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Alto Aviation, a provider of premium cabin in-flight audio and entertainment systems in business aviation, has launched new 2021 in-flight entertainment and Cadence cabin management system upgrade programmes specifically customised for all retrofit business aircraft.

The 2021 Alto Cadence upgrade programmes offer non-compromise cabin audio and entertainment upgrades and Include a selection of direct replacement and fit compatible passenger controls and bezels. All the solutions are designed to preserve the aircraft's wood and furnishing and serve all styles, including the Micronet round, squared, raised oval button, and the concave curved side ledge panels.

The upgrades offer the possibility of easy integration or full replacement of the existing cabin management system in the aircraft with Alto's new system master controller. This intuitive module links aircraft cabin management system components with various communication protocols.

All Alto's 2021 upgrade programmes have a convenient modular approach, allowing scaling of the upgrades to meet each aircraft's exact requirements. Some of the features include enabling easy removal of headphone functionality, replacing them with blanking plates, repurposing the panels with USB, adding local reading table lighting to the former headphone locations and eliminating the former PSU panels, all within the constraints of the original panel. This simple design step eliminates nearly 40 per cent of the existing panels, resulting in significantly lower installation costs.

“The new 2021 Alto in-flight entertainment and Cadence cabin management system solutions for retrofit business aircraft allowed us to meet the highest demands of our customers in a very budget-friendly, modular approach without any compromise of quality in the performance and trusted excellent customer support from our team. We look forward to continuing providing innovative solutions designed with simplicity in mind for the retrofit aircraft,” says Kevin Hayes, VP of sales and marketing.

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