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Sustainable electric charter falls under the spotlight
Electric motors powered by battery or hydrogen promise to propel the business aircraft of the future with greater economy, safety and sustainability. Two new conferences will explore the potential in 2021.

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change, said former US president Bill Clinton. And change is what we are seeing in the world of business aviation - with new technologies for transporting people and cargo with a hugely reduced environmental impact.

Much work has been done on powering the aircraft of the future, as well as the associated impact on airways, regulations and infrastructures. Now we are shining the spotlight on the likely effect of battery and hydrogen-powered aircraft on the business air charter industry with two charter operator-targeted conferences; one fully virtual on Tuesday, March 30th, and the other a real world and virtual hybrid conference at the annual ACE21 gathering at London Biggin Hill airport in September.

The virtual conference and exhibition in March will offer a platform to listen to and engage with speakers not only on innovation, technology and infrastructure, but on what operators can do now in order to make the most of this new world.

In a series of high-impact, short seminars we will look at this new era of hybrid and all-electric business flight, and there will be opportunities to pose questions online during presentations and to schedule virtual, private chats as well as aircraft or product visits with virtual exhibitors.

Later in the year at ACE21, we will bring the virtual across to the tarmac and host a Green conference alongside the ranks of aircraft and exhibitors at the Biggin Hill hangar and apron. But in a twist, we will retain the online element so that those who can’t leave the office can still take part.

So, two new conferences will give a charter angle to the greening of the business aviation airways; both must-attend events for all in the air charter industry.

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