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Wheels Up unveils flexible management programme
Each Wheels Up Aircraft Management client agreement can receive a Wheels Up core membership, which provides access to over 1,250 safety vetted and verified partner operator jets across four cabin sizes.

Wheels Up has launched Wheels Up Aircraft Management, a new group formed through the strategic integration of recently acquired Delta Private Jets and Gama Aviation Signature. Wheels Up Aircraft Management offers existing and prospective aircraft owners and aircraft brokers flexible management solutions that are customised for individuals owning a single plane or businesses with a fleet. The programme brings with it the economies of scale and charter demand provided by the scope of Wheels Up.

Wheels Up Aircraft Management includes a full suite of services backed by over 35 years of private aviation and management experience, fusing the operational know-how of Delta and Gama. The offering includes four options: Full Management, for owners who are the primary user of the aircraft (Part 91) or for owners who want the option to tap into Wheels Up's flight demand to generate charter revenue (Part 135); Select Access, for individuals and flight departments who wish to partner with Wheels Up to gain savings by leveraging the company's purchasing power; Charter Select, for owners and corporations who wish to place their aircraft on the Wheels Up certificate for the purpose of generating charter revenue to offset operating costs; and Maintenance Management, For owners who only require maintenance oversight and coordination or brokers who need aircraft maintained while they are on the market.

“With our acquisitions of Delta Private Jets and Gama Aviation Signature, we gained a dedicated team of experts who are in position to lead Wheels Up Aircraft Management and deliver a best in class, bespoke service to our members and new clients,” says Kenny Dichter, founder and CEO of Wheels Up. “Our collective expertise and attention to detail combined with the extensive size, scale and network of resources at Wheels Up lay the foundation for a unique infrastructure, delivering the most stringent safety standards, operational excellence, unrivalled cost efficiencies and new revenue streams as we propel the brand forward.”

“The knowledge and expertise that we've brought together from Delta Private Jets, Gama Aviation Signature and Wheels Up sets a new standard for management rooted in asset management, transparency, service and delivery,” adds Tom Connelly, CEO of Gama Aviation Signature and senior advisor at Wheels Up. “I am thrilled to be working with a world class sales team led by our executive vice president of sales, Deron Brown, and service team led by senior vice president of client management, KC Ihlefeld, as we provide continuity to our existing clients and develop new and lasting relationships with our owners and partners, and look forward to expanding the business together.”

Each Wheels Up Aircraft Management client agreement can receive a Wheels Up core membership, which provides guaranteed access to the King Air 350i, as available access to the Citation Excel/XLS and Citation X and guaranteed access to over 1,250 safety vetted and verified partner operator jets across four different cabin sizes. Core members also enjoy real-time aircraft availability with real-time dynamic pricing that is backed by capped hourly rates on 300 or more days a year. The launch of Wheels Up Aircraft Management follows the recent announcement of Safe Passage, an enhanced safety and health programme for Wheels Up employees, members, customers and partners, with expanded guidelines in response to COVID-19 and today's ongoing public health concerns.

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