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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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VistaJet goes on the march for sustainability
VistaJet's plans to fly greener include offsetting carbon, using sustainable aviation fuel, flying the most technologically-advanced aircraft, reducing fuel consumption and using a fuel efficient booking system.
VistaJet is making changes to encourage future growth, and not just of its business.

VistaJet is making progress on its Sustainability in Aviation pledge, launched in January this year, to rapidly and meaningfully reduce its carbon footprint and to explore all routes to higher levels of sustainability. The company is also announcing a partnership with SkyNRG, a leader in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The SAF industry has made advancements since its inception, yet the availability of sustainable fuels for jet aircraft is still limited due to financial, technical and regulatory reasons. With air travel centred around hubs and the 20 busiest airports in the world handling nearly one-fifth of all air passenger traffic, this should make it easier for the new energy source to be fully adopted by operators. However, a decade after its introduction, there are only a few hubs globally where sustainable biojet fuel is available and it still only accounts for less than 0.1 per cent of total aviation fuel consumption.

As a fundamental step to further increase sustainability, VistaJet has signed a new partnership with SkyNRG, offering all VistaJet customers around the world access to SAF. This will promote substantial reductions in aviation carbon emissions and increase stable demand and availability around the world. Partnering with SkyNRG will offer VistaJet customers a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable solution to decarbonise their flights, while helping to grow adoption across the industry.

As a core component of the Sustainability in Aviation programme, VistaJet undertook a greenhouse gas emissions audit with South Pole, a project developer and global provider of climate action solutions.

Founder and chairman Thomas Flohr says: “We are committed to making aviation better. Today, this means changing the way we operate to benefit not only our customers, but the whole global community. In this spirit, I hope our private aviation partners and peers will do the same, working collaboratively to bring change faster, as this is the only way for the fragmented industry to take full responsibility for the long-term health of the planet. In addition to adhering to market-based measures and improving existing infrastructure, enhancing operational procedures and developing new technological innovations is crucial.”

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