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Appareo EFB now compatible with Avidyne navigators
To enable bidirectional communication between the Stratus Insight EFB and Avidyne's Helios and Atlas systems, customers connect their iPad or iPhone Wi-Fi to their FMS, and open the Stratus Insight application.

Appareo is integrating its Stratus Insight EFB with Avidyne's newest FMS and GPS navigator products, Helios and Atlas. This integration allows for bidirectional communication between the application and the navigator. This capability is also currently available for Avidyne customers flying with the IFD 440, 540 and 550 GPS navigators.

Using this communication link, customers can create flight plans in the FMS and push them to Stratus Insight or, alternatively, push flight plans created on the app into their navigator. Additionally, if the navigator is receiving ADS-B In, it will send subscription-free weather and ADS-B traffic information directly to Stratus Insight. Other value-added information such as AHRS data that is available from an Avidyne navigator will be sent to Stratus Insight too.

To enable this bidirectional communication, Avidyne customers connect their iPad or iPhone Wi-Fi to their FMS, and open the Stratus Insight application. “Avidyne has been delivering exceptional products to general aviation for years,” says Kristofer Garberg, president of Appareo. “With its expansion into new markets with the Atlas and Helios products, it provides more options for Stratus Insight users when selecting their hardware. We are delighted to be working with Avidyne to deepen the integration to give the users a best-in-class experience in the future.”

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