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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022
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Conklin & de Decker ups data for prospective buyers
Key additions to the enhanced Conklin & de Decker Report include the ability to compare a custom set of operating parameters, break down cost per region, change and save utilisation assumptions and view overlays.

Conklin & de Decker has updated its reporting, enabling owners, operators and prospective buyers to make more informed decisions when dealing with the purchase, operation and disposition of aircraft.

Its interactive comparison tool allows users to compare up to three jets, helicopters, turboprops or piston aircraft, and customise factors such as annual utilisation, fuel price and third-party labour costs. Users can run detailed performance and cost comparisons based on usage and real-world operating costs, providing transparency when considering an aircraft for purchase.

Key additions to the enhanced Conklin & de Decker Report include the ability to compare a custom set of operating parameters; break down cost per region, including North America, European and Asia-Pacific markets; change utilisation assumptions for aircraft role; save customised Conklin Calculator assumptions for operating costs to compare different scenarios; view overlays to compare front profiles and interior space for multiple aircraft; and review a detailed breakdown of costs per hour, per nautical mile flown and per seat per nautical mile, with or without depreciation, to create a more detailed analysis.

“This truly is an 'apples-to-apples' benchmarking tool that is not only incredibly detailed for aviation professionals, but also digestible for new aircraft buyers. Our easy-to-view interactive report provides valuable insight into fixed and variable costs, with assumptions based on decades of Conklin & de Decker data. The enhanced level of personalisation ensures buyers are fully informed about the various options available to meet their unique utilisation requirements,” says company president Joy Nebel.

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