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Gazprombank Leasing   (Russia)
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News from Business Air News
Gazprombank takes three Ka-62s for Far East
July 26, 2021
The flight range of the Ka-62 is 700 km and its maximum speed is 310 km/h. The MTOW of the helicopter is 6,800 kg, while its capacity is 15 passengers. Gazprombank Leasing Group expects it to satisfy customers.
Norilsk Avia accepts Mi-8AMTs in transport configuration
May 10, 2021
An agreement concluded between Rostec, Gazprombank and Norilsk in 2019 will supply ten Mi-8AMT helicopters until 2024. To date, four have already been delivered to Norilsk Avia under the contract.
Norilsk ready to do the heavy lifting with Mi-8AMTs
June 22, 2020
Mi-8AMT helicopters are equipped with TV3-117VM engines, a Safir 5K/G auxiliary power unit, and enhanced transmission and modern avionics. Norilsk could take on up to 10 units and put them to work in harsh climates.
February 29, 2020First serial produced Mi-38 delivered by Rostec
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