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Tyrol offers contamination-free transport for all passengers
Air Ambulance Technology has supplied a system to Tyrol Air Ambulance that reduces germ load and minimises the risk of a contamination of the environment. The innovation is timely, as COVID restrictions start to lift.
Tyrol Bravos were adapted by Air Ambulance Technology.

Austria's Tyrol Air Ambulance can now transport patients suffering from most infectious diseases – including COVID-19 – using isolation units adapted by Air Ambulance Technology for its ambulance fleet of Citation Bravo and Gulfstream 100 aircraft. The insulation system works with negative pressure, which reduces the germ load and minimises the risk of a contamination of the environment.

All patients, regardless of size, can be safely transported in this isolation chamber, including intensive care patients. Even babies and infants in an incubator can be transferred In the isolation unit safely and without medical restrictions.

“With the possibility of transporting infectious patients, we are well prepared for the summer now that travel restrictions have been lifted,” says Manfred Helldoppler, MD. “The need for repatriations of COVID-19 patients is very likely to increase with the rising volume of travel activities.”

Tyrol Air Ambulance operates a fleet of seven ambulance jets for worldwide medical repatriations and runs a 24-hour operations control centre at Innsbruck airport.

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