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SPAES develops ventilator brackets for H145
Germany's SPAES applied its design organisation skills to enabling the latest ventilators to be fitted to a fleet of H145 helicopters. The solution can be adapted for other types too.
A tensile test was carried out to check the material and construction for load capacity.

At the request of a customer, German Part 21J Design Organisation SPAES has carried out the development, procurement and certification of mounting brackets for the Hamilton T1 on seven Airbus H145 helicopters.

After replacing the old ventilators with the Hamilton T1 in the H145s, a new mount had to be developed because the existing one was not compatible with the newly acquired device. It was crucial for the customer to retain the existing assembly interfaces in the helicopter and on the patient transport stretcher.

After determining the requirements and operating conditions with the customer, the first prototype was developed. It was important that the medical mount could be attached to the ceiling of the helicopter as well as to the patient transport stretcher.

“The challenge was that the medical mount had to be designed in such a way that it did not exceed a certain height in order to avoid colliding with the helicopter's ceiling panel when the transport stretcher was loaded into the helicopter. We tested several prototypes until we designed a suitable mount that met all requirements and challenges,” says Joachim Kies, head of operative business at SPAES.

Once the final design and material was determined, the mount was released for production. A tensile test was carried out to check the material and construction for load capacity.

SPAES prepared all necessary certification documents and carried out the approval. A Minor Change was issued in SPAES' own EASA Part 21J Design Organisation. The Minor Change is available for the Airbus BK117 type and can be easily extended to other types.

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