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GE brings TAE into American turboprop network
It started with Asia Pacific support, now GE and TAE have extended that service network arrangement to include H-Series and M601 turboprop engines across the Americas.
Milan Slapak shakes on the deal, expanding its H-Series and M601 service network with TAE Aerospace.

GE Aviation has expanded the scope of TAE Aerospace within its authorised service centre network to support GE's H-Series and M601 turboprop engines in North and South America.

In 2012, Australia-based TAE Aerospace became a designated repair centre supporting H-Series and M601 engines for the Asia Pacific region. The companies recently expanded their existing agreement to include heavy repair options in North and South America, beginning 2020.

This new agreement gives TAE authorisation to perform line maintenance inspections and routine installed engine maintenance, removal and replacement of engines and engine components, and heavy repairs for GE's H-Series and M601 engines. GE will provide the necessary OEM parts to meet TAE's needs.

TAE has steadily built its presence in the United States with the acquisition of Copperstate Turbine Engine Company based in Phoenix in February. In August, it acquired Midvale, Idaho-based Ag Air Turbines.

“TAE is a valuable member of our turboprop service network and has contributed to our customers' growth and success in the Asia-Pacific region,” says GE president and CEO of Czech Republic Milan Slapak. “Expanding its expertise in North and South America benefits the entire industry. Working closer with TAE and continuing to nurture our agricultural service network demonstrates our commitment to improving the quality and reach of H-Series products and services.”

GE has more than 1,000 H-Series and M601 turboprop engines in service, allowing operators to fly aircraft such as the Thrush 510G and Aircraft Industries' L 410. These engines are in operation on six continents.

“TAE Aerospace has worked closely with GE and its H80 engine for the last five years in the Asia Pacific Region,” adds chief of strategy Darren Hutchinson. “We now welcome the opportunity to expand this relationship into North and South America. We thank GE for its vote of confidence and look forward to working closely with it to support its American agricultural aviation operators.”

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