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AeroGulf agreement leads to Bell transaction by MENA
AeroGulf Services is to purchase four helicopters from MENA, and the companies are working together to expand rotary services in the Middle East.
Read this story in our January 2020 printed issue.

Bahrain-owned aviation and aerospace service provider MENA Aerospace has signed a strategic partnership with Dubai's first commercial helicopter operator, AeroGulf Services, whereby MENA has agreed the purchase and sale of four Bell helicopters with a value of US$2.7 million. This strategic collaboration will allow both companies to expand their helicopter maintenance and support services, as well as upgrade their helicopter projects in the region and the Middle East.

Additionally, the agreement allows MENA Aerospace to extend satellite approvals for AeroGulf, which helps both companies to offer cost-effective maintenance solutions via MENA's hangar and associated facilities.

MENA managing director and founder Dr Mohammed Juman comments: “With this agreement, we can add to our expert capabilities by now offering economical solutions for helicopter maintenance, both regionally and internationally. It will also allow us to support government and military helicopter maintenance, as well as provide labour support. Furthermore, it will enhance our trading proficiency for aircraft and spares, which has increased substantially.”

AeroGulf CEO Fahad Mohammad Mir Hashem Khoory adds: “AeroGulf has been a pioneer in the industry in Dubai and in the UAE – we count more than 40 years of experience in the field – and having the great opportunity to expand our services abroad and collaborate with MENA is fantastic for us. We're thrilled and sure great projects are about to come, not only covering Bahrain but the entire GCC and north Africa.”

He continues: “We went through a company restructuring and rebranding a year ago; AeroGulf, as much as MENA, will benefit from this great opportunity to expand to provide services abroad and cover more markets in the region. We will benefit from the fresh mind and project opportunities MENA has envisioned for its future as well as AeroGulf providing more than 40 years of professionalism and experience in the industry.”

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