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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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XO delivers its 'know what you fly' mission
By auditing and categorising all aircraft so members can know what they fly, before they fly, the new service from XO provides customers with transparency and predictability during the booking process.
By letting customers know what aircraft they will fly on, before departure, Thomas Flohr claims to be bringing transparency and predictability to what he calls an opaque industry.

XO, the on demand platform owned by Vista Global, is launching its new 'Know What You Fly' service classes and claims to be bringing transparency and truth to the private aviation industry. Ironically, the company notes that a category that is supposed to deliver confidence and convenience has been plagued by a lack of transparency, service unpredictability and over-priced options. XO belives private flyers shouldn't be forced to wait until after they book to discover what aircraft they're flying on and it aims to resolve fundamental and unacceptable industry inefficiencies.

XO's new service classes are powered by the group's multi billion dollar fleet of 115 owned aircraft and 1,500 partner aircraft from its preferred operator network. Depending on membership status and destination, three service classes are being offered. The classic level includes a variety of aircraft from turboprop to heavy jets which while not new, are vetted and verified and are the most affordable and most practical way to go private. Many are equipped with wi-fi. Premium level is a collection of newer light jets to ultra long range aircraft, all of which have modern cabins and wi fi access. The third level is Luxe, only available to Access Solution members, which covers the newest aircraft from super-midsize jets through ultra long range options.

Founder and chairman Thomas Flohr says: “We believe that the combination of innovative membership options and the breadth and diversity of the aircraft in our network - more than 1,600 across all our service classes - will extend our leadership role. We are committed to meeting the needs of every flyer who seeks new alternatives that go beyond the travails of commercial flying, the over-priced and inflexible model of fractional ownership and the inherent inefficiencies of traditional brokers and jet cards.”

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