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Directional launches Tuvoli mobile platform
Tuvoli is a new charter platform from Directional Aviation that empowers operators and brokers with mobile quoting, booking and guaranteed payments. Connection is quick and payment is guaranteed and instant.

The aim of the Tuvoli platform is to make leading-edge technology more accessible to a broader segment of the air charter industry. Leveraging the latest mobile technology for iOS and Android, as well as a desktop web experience, charter brokers and operators can seamlessly buy or sell flights, from the office or on the go, 24/7/365, complete with real-time payment functionality. The single, user-friendly platform allows aircraft brokers and operators to, in one place, make aircraft available to the market, source aircraft, provide quotes, confirm and amend trips, arrange support services and facilitate instant payment between all parties.

“The entire industry is being held back by a lack of direct connectivity to each other, including the ability to pay or be paid, any time, at rates that make sense; that was the driving force behind Directional Aviation's incubation of Tuvoli,” explains principal Kenneth Ricci. “Tuvoli pairs technology, modern methods of payment processing and charter industry intelligence on one clean platform, to unlock growth potential for private aviation companies of all sizes.”

Any qualified Part 135 operator or aircraft broker can join the Tuvoli platform and have access to its full suite of offerings on mobile device or desktop.

“Not requiring an upfront financial commitment to join means that charter industry participants can be up and running on the platform using their preferred device in a matter of minutes,” adds Tuvoli president and CTO Greg Johnson. “The platform has been under beta testing for 12 months, processing payments on over $25 million worth of charter demand. We are now excited to bring to market Tuvoli as the solution to industry-wide, long-standing problems with connectivity and payments.”

The Tuvoli platform introduces the new concept of a guaranteed payment to the air charter industry, where the broker authorises the movement of funds into a holding account once an operator has been selected and terms have been confirmed. The operator can then see that the funds are guaranteed for the trip. Upon completion of the trip, the seller requests payment and the funds can be released immediately, 24/7/365.

In the event that the operator cannot fulfill the trip, the buyer can repurpose the funds quickly for use with a different provider. This system protects both parties and funds movement, and is governed by the contract that is executed when the parties confirm the terms for a trip. Movement of funds at each stage of the transaction is FDIC-insured, and can happen in a matter of seconds at any time of the day, on any day of the year, including holidays.

Fees are tied only to transactions for trips that are booked and paid for using the platform. With nominal fees to the buyer and seller, Tuvoli allows for payments with fewer hurdles, at transaction costs significantly lower than those charged by credit card providers. There is no subscription fee for access to the platform.

Although Tuvoli is backed by the resources and expertise of Directional Aviation and its family of companies, it will operate as a stand-alone company to ensure that all organisations using the open platform have complete confidentiality, exclusive access to their information and equal competitive standing.

“We believe our nearly 40 years of dedicated focus on private aviation, IT talent versed in private aviation's nuances and a critical mass of built-in charter demand upon launch provide Tuvoli users with advantages found nowhere else,” adds Ricci.

Based in Boston, Tuvoli has a well qualified leadership team. Johnson has more than two decades of experience in process improvement and information technology within the aviation industry, including roles in engineering leadership at FedEx and as founder/CEO of OneSky Jets. COO Sandeep Dalmia is a CPA and has held a variety of roles at eBay, PayPal and Braintree. CCO Scott Ashton has a broad range of leadership experience in Part 135 charter and fractional operations, having served in the same role at Gama aviation and as president of Associated Aircraft Group.

Tuvoli's technology unlocks efficiencies and eliminates constraints that have held back the growth potential of charter market participants of all sizes for far too long,” notes Johnson. “A healthy, diverse and connected pool of supply and demand is critical to the long-term prospects of the industry. With Tuvoli we are offering operators and brokers of all sizes the technology they need to grow.”

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