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Vista Global brings Collins connectivity to customers
Vista Global's fleet of 116 aircraft will be kitted out with fast broadband from Collins, starting with the 36 Globals under the VistaJet brand. Streaming ultra HD content during flight is now straightforward.
Up to 25 Mbps will be available to US customers during flight.
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Vista Global has announced a technology partnership with Collins Aerospace Systems that aims to provide private aviation customers with the fastest broadband speeds available. The agreement will see LuxStream connectivity services fitted across Vista Global's fleet of 116 owned aircraft, including both the VistaJet and XO brands. LuxStream will first be integrated across the 36 Global business jets operating under the VistaJet brand.

Vista Global founder and chairman Thomas Flohr explains: “LuxStream marks our latest move to disrupt and drive forward the aviation industry. The service will completely revolutionise what it means to stay connected with the outside world during a flight, providing our customers with a level of broadband speed that matches the connectivity they expect on land. LuxStream's unrivalled speed puts the power of connection in our members' hands, ensuring a seamless and smooth continuation of their business and family life while in the air, staying one step ahead of today's world.”

The LuxStream system will offer future and existing VistaJet and XO members unparalleled digital connectivity services during flight, enabling 24/7 digital connectivity including the ability to simultaneously stream ultra HD content and access a full suite of connected devices. Up to 25 Mbps will be available in the United States and 15Mbps globally.

Vista Global has had a long and trusted relationship with Collins Aerospace, and Vista Global members will benefit from the full experience that Collins brings with its renowned service and support network. The LuxStream network is operated by SES, which has over 70 satellites in two different orbits, Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) with a proven-track record of investment in pioneering satellites and related technology.

In the last 12 months Vista Global has launched XO, following on from the major acquisition of JetSmarter and XOJET.

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